Turbidity Curtain Overview

Silt Curtains to Control Sediment and Turbidity

Type 1 Turbidity CurtainTurbidity Curtain is a commonly used floating barrier designed to contain silt, sediment, and displaced particles around construction sites, dredging areas, and marine projects. Our silt curtains are manufactured in a variety of Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 models, designed to correspond to the water conditions of your location.

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Type 1 Turbidity Curtain

turbidity barrierType 1 Turbidity Curtain is the perfect option for locations needing to control and contain silt in calm water areas. Manufactured in an Economy Grade or DOT Grade model, these silt curtains have helped to contain materials in ponds, swales, roadside ditches and other calm water areas.

Type 2 Silt Curtains

floating silt curtainType 2 Silt Curtain is one of the most frequently used floating boom and is manufactured for use around dredging sites, construction sites, restoration projects and more. Standard lengths for the boom include 50 ft. or 100 ft. sections with depths ranging anywhere from 3 ft. to 100 ft.

Type 3 Silt Curtains

floating turbidity barrierType 3 Turbidity Curtain is the perfect option for areas dealing with rough or demanding water conditions. These curtains are high in strength and come in three standard models: Contractor Grade, DOT Grade and Permeable.

Permeable Curtains

permeable silt curtainsFor areas that require water to flow through the curtain, Permeable Silt Curtains are a great option. These curtains are manufactured with a geotextile filter panel that is built into the bottom skirt. This monofilament allows water to pass through the barrier, but filters out silt and turbidity.

Type 2 Permeable

Type 3 Permeable

Turbidity Curtain Accessories

turbidity curtain accessoriesTurbidity Curtain Accessories are designed to help customers with the deployment of their curtain. Some of the more commonly used options include reefing lines for adjustment of the bottom skirt, marker lights for added visibility, and anchor kits to keep the boom in place.

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Turbidity and Silt Curtain Construction

Turbidity curtains are manufactured with high quality marine-grade materials that allow them to be used for the duration of construction projects, bridge repairs or other marine activities. Each floating barrier includes a top flotation device, a robust bottom ballast chain and impermeable PVC fabric. Depending on your location, barriers may also include tension cables or monofilament filtration fabric to accommodate the needs of your site.

Type 1 Silt Curtain: Calm Water Silt and Turbidity Control

type 1 turbidity curtainType 1 Floating Curtains are built for the calmest water conditions, including areas with no current or waves. Due to the limited flow in the location, these barriers are often able to remain in position without the use of any middle anchors. This makes installation and deployment fast and easy to keep your project on track.

Type 1 Silt Curtains

Type 2 Silt Curtain: Medium Duty Floating Barriers

floating turbidity barrierType 2 Silt Curtain is our most commonly used barrier for moving water conditions. Often manufactured with anchor points and tension cables, these barriers are ideal for dredging sites, bridge repair sites, rivers, moving lakes, and construction sites near moving water.

Type 2 Silt Curtains

Type 3 Silt Curtain: Heavy Duty Control Projects

turbidity curtainType 3 Floating Turbidity Curtain is the strongest available turbidity curtain and is manufactured with a robust 22 oz. fabric, bottom ballast chain, and dual tension cables. These barriers are chosen for locations with difficult currents, waves, and/or tides or in areas with demanding silt or sediment containment requirements.

Type 3 Silt Curtains

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Custom Curtains: Floating Barriers for Your Location

permeable turbidity curtainsFloating silt and turbidity curtains may also be custom designed to fit your specific job site or construction project. As a manufacturer of these barriers, we are always happy to design curtains to specific designs or specifications required by your job site. If you are working off of site plans, please feel free to send your specifications to us for review and pricing.

Floating Curtain Design and Applications

All floating turbidity curtains are constructed using high-strength, marine grade materials that are equipped to handle constant operation in water based applications. The manufactured design of the curtain includes a seamed-in top marine grade flotation and bottom ballast. Standard construction of the barrier features an impermeable bottom skirt up to 100 feet in depth. While these floating curtains are often built to site-specific requirements, we often hold curtains with a standard 5 ft. depth in stock for quick shipping to your location.

Turbidity Curtain Applications

  • Roadside DOT Projects
  • Marine Harbor Protection
  • Dock Containment
  • Calm Water Construction
  • Marine Construction
  • Dredging Activities
  • Piling Extraction
  • Remediation Jobs

Silt Curtain Accessories and Kits

pyramid anchorsIn order to effectively help with all your installation and deployment requirements, we also offer several curtain accessories and kits that can be used with any of our floating boom and barriers. These kits are designed to offer you a complete package for your location and include options for successful anchoring, towing, deployment and installation. Options include:

Anchoring Kits:

  • Orange Buoy
  • 1/2" Twisted Rope
  • 3/8" Galvanized Steel Chain
  • Painter Lines
  • Anchors

Additional Options:

Learn more on our Floating Accessories Page.

Turbidity Curtain Specifications

Each silt curtain features specifications for each model that showcase some of the most common depths and sizes for the barriers. Please click on the pages below for more information on each of these models:

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