Custom Turbidity Barrier and Curtain turbidity curtain manufactured in the USA

Custom Curtains Designed to Meet your Job Requirement

In addition to our standard turbidity curtains, we also offer custom turbidity barriers for site-specific jobs or applications. These custom-designed barriers are often built to meet requirements specified by site engineers, job plans, or location demands. Custom curtains include spec-driven barriers, barge barriers and dredging deck curtains.

Curtain Optionsturbidity barrier

  • Fabric Materials: Permeable or Impermeable
  • Tension Cables
  • Foam-Less Curtains (for Deck Containment)
  • Dredging Barge Curtains
  • Foam Sizes: 6", 8" or 12" Foam
  • Section Connections
  • Furling Lines

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Barge Curtains: Barge curtains are a unique type of silt containment designed to form walls around a dredging barge or deck. These barriers connected directly to the barge and hang down to contain the containment area to your dredging site.

Site Specifications: We can also construct barriers to specifically meet your site demands through drawings or specifications. We often build curtains to meet exact requirements for demanding jobs or locations.

Applicationsturbidity barriers

  • Open Water Locations
  • Demanding Control Jobs
  • High Currents in Rivers
  • Great Lakes
  • Tidal Areas
  • Bays and Harbors
  • Bridge Construction
  • Demolition or Dredging Jobs

Standard Floating Curtains

In addition to our custom-designed options, we also offer several standard barriers equipped to handle flows in calm and moving water locations. Standard barriers include a Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3 curtain. These curtains are designed to increase in strength to meet the demands of various projects or jobs.

Type 1 Turbidity Barrier

Type 2 Turbidity Curtain

Type 3 Turbidity Curtain

  • Calm Water Locations
  • DOT or Economy Model
  • Medium Level Currents
  • Permeable or Impermeable
  • Rough Water Conditions
  • Permeable or Impermeable

Accessories offered for all of our floating barriers include anchor kits (rope, anchors, buoy), tow bridles and tidal compensators.

If you have further questions, requirements, or specifications regarding one of our standard or custom curtains, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.