Truck Tarps

Tarps & Covers for Transportation Vehicles

dump truck tarpsTruck covers and tarps are the perfect way to protect your cargo from debris, rain, snow and other flying particles during transportation. Tarps are typically constructed from high resistance, impermeable fabric such as PVC or vinyl to successfully waterproof your area and prevent loads from weather. Trucking tarps have been frequently used on dump trucks, flatbeds, asphalt trucks, and trailers where items are store in uncovered, open top areas.

Standard Features

  • PVC, Mesh or Vinyl Fabric
  • Options: D Rings, Grommets, Stitching, Velcro or boom for Connection to Truck
  • Any Color Available
  • Standard or Custom Sizing
  • Used with Tarp Systems

dump truck tarpsTruck Containment Tarps: The truck containment tarp is water-proof cover designed to protect truck loads and cargo during transportation, weather events and temporary stops. Tarps have commonly been used with semi trucks, dump trucks and other transport trucks. When used on dump trucks or other loose materials, tarps will also simultaneously work to keep loose materials contained within the truck.


  • Semi Trucks
  • Large Cargo Loads
  • Dump Trucks and Trailers
  • Flat Beds
  • Roll Off Tarps
  • Lumber Loads
  • Truck Bed Covers
  • Open Top Trailers

Typical Specifications

Typical Fabric Impermeable PVC
Colors Multiple Colors to Match your Requirements
Options Velcro, D-rings and more can be added for attachment

Truck Tarps and Trap Systems: In some instances, loading and unloading of a truck is so frequent that the removal of the tarp on and off the container can be time consuming and costly. To help speed up this process, Solhutec, a division of GEI Works also offers Tarp Systems from Cramaro Tarps to attatch your dump trucks, flatbeds, trailers, roll offs, containers, or other transport vehicles. Tarp systems include machinery and flexibility that flips, rolls or slides tarps over the open top area. Offered in systems that can be operated manually from ground level or automatically through motors, these systems reduce setup times to minutes for fast loading and unloading.

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Tarps for Protection and Transportation

These impermeable tarps are offered in several different colors and strengths for implementation in industrial, commercial, and recreational activities. All tarps feature an impermeable fabric that catches rain, debris, snow, and dust to protect and contain items during transportation. For jobs that require extra strength or unique sizing, custom tarps can be constructed to fit exact specifications or attachments required for your truck.

Additional Tarps and Covers

In addition to the truck tarps, we also offer several industrial and commercial tarps to help with coverage on baseball fields, construction sites, facilities, dumpsters, secondary containment, and various other transport applications. For more information on our complete tarp variety, check out our Truck Tarps, Industrial Tarps & Covers.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.