Truck Tarp Systems

Slide N Go™ from Cramaro Tarps

truck tarp systemThe Slide 'N Go™ Truck Tarp System from Cramaro Tarps is the perfect way to cover and uncover your trailer, dump truck or open top container. Available in sizes that can attach to any body length, these systems use a hassle-free cable system that effortlessly slides your tarp back and forth over your open top area. This removes the need for personnel to get on top of your trailer, making truck coverage not only safer, but also significantly faster.

Standard Features

  • Multiple Tarp Fabrics
  • Electric or Manual (Hand Crank) Systems
  • Sliding Cable System
  • Lengths: Matches your Truck
  • Tarp Bows: Flat, 6", 12" or 18" Sizes

tarp cable system Cable Tarp Systems: Sliding cable systems are frequently used for dump trucks, roll off containers and trailers where transported items need to be covered and protected. The system featured here uses a cable and bow design to slide and the tarp over the top of the container. Along the top of the tarp, several bows (flat, 6", 12" or 18" in size) will arch over the entire fabric to add stabilization the tarp as the vehicle travels. As the truck is uncovered, bows will scrunch up with the tarp to provide a wide access load area.

Cable System Advantages

  • Options for Any Size Trailer, Dump Truck or End Truck
  • Designed for Years of Use
  • Slides Quickly and Easily to Cover and Uncover Materials
  • Saves Time and Energy
  • Works with Multiple Tarp Materials

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Tarp Specifications

Typical Fabric Impermeable PVC
Colors Multiple Colors to Match your Requirements
Options Velcro, D-rings and more can be added for attachment

Cable System Specifications

Electric Model Heavy Duty Motor, Gears, Wire and Switch
Manual Model Hand Crank, Belt or Chain Drive
Bows Arch Sizes: Flat, 6", 12" or 18"
Galvanized with Plastic Sleeving

*Additional Models Available for Locations that Require Drop Sides

Additional Tarp Systems

Systems featured here use a sliding cable that retracts and expands the tarp to cover your materials. For different sites, customers have required flip systems, flatbed systems, and systems designed specifically to contain trash. For more information on these and other system options, check out our Truck Tarp Systems.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.