Orion Trash Boom

Floating Debris Boom

trash boomOrion Debris and Trash Boom are a great option for protecting sensitive areas and preventing the spread of debris. Working to accommodate various demands and requirements, a range of boom models are available including Floating Debris Boom, Trash Net Boom, and Debris Screens.

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Standard Debris Boom

Standard Debris Boom are floating barriers used for the containment of trash, debris, aquatic plants, branches, leaves and other floating items. Manufactured using high strength impermeable PVC and marine grade connectors, these boom have helped to keep items contained in a variety of water conditions.

Calm Water Boom
Moving Water Boom
Offshore Boom

Trash Net Boom

The Trash Net Boom has been used in multiple applications to control the spread of debris, aquatic plants and other unwanted materials. Net boom are great for placement around businesses, shorelines, swim areas and more. They are constructed of PVC material with a marine-grade permeable net connected to the bottom of the skirt. This allows debris to be contained both above and below the surface. The trash net boom are used most commonly in calm water conditions.

Underwater Debris Screens

floating debris boomThe Debris Screen offered by GEI Works is perfect for containment, exclusion or intake protection. Manufactured in robust aluminum or stainless steel panels, these boom are equipped to handle heavier and bulkier debris such as branches, timbers, plastic containers, debris, trash and other pollutants. The debris screen has an 8-foot long panel both above and below the water surface to accomodate larger pollutants.

Debris Boom Accessories

floating boom accessories

Debris Boom Accessories feature a number of products including anchor kits for boom anchoring, tow bridles for deployment and tidal compensators for adjustment in tidal areas.

For more information on these products, please feel free to give us a call at 772-646-0597 or by email at info@geiworks.com.

Debris Boom Design

Debris boom are one of the most wide ranging and versatile products available for the containment of debris, trash, leaves, wood, and other floating particles. Manufactured in a range of different styles, GEI Works' boom are able to effectively hold debris until it can be properly cleaned up and/or removed from the site. The most commonly manufactured boom style is the impermeable floating containment barrier. Impermeable boom are manufactured with a 22 oz.. PVC, equipping them for long term use in water and strong enough to successfully contain debris. Models include options for calm water, moving water or offshore conditions. Additional models include Steel Mesh boom for logs, larger debris and extreme conditions.

Calm Water Boom: Marina and Calm Water Containment

debris boomCalm Water Boom are perfect choice for lakes, ponds, and marinas where water flow and wave action is limited. Calm water models are constructed from impermeable PVC, a top float, and a bottom ballast chain.

Moving Water Debris Boom: Perfect for Rivers and Ports

trash boomWhen currents or waves are present,Moving Water Boom are an ideal choice. Similar in design and construction, these boom feature an added tension cable to keep barriers in place against currents, waves and tides.

Offshore Debris Boom: Coastline & Offshore Containment

floating debris boomFor demanding areas, Offshore and Coastline Trash Boom are used to help contain debris and rubbish. These boom employ a heavier weight tension cable and ballast chain to control the flow of debris.

Trash Net Boom

net boomThe Trash Net Boom is used around intakes, aquatic plants, debris and, a variety of other locations to help prevent pollution and keep sensitive areas free from unwanted pollutants and materials. Net boom are constructed with a top flotation device, bottom ballast chain and net skirt.

  • 50 ft. or 100 ft. Sections
  • Top Floatation with Bottom Net Skirt
  • Great for Intakes, Jelly Fish and Aquatic Plants
  • Trash Net Boom
  • Accessories

Underwater Debris Screens: Robust Barriers for Debris Control

debris screensUnderwater Debris Screens are a high strength option for managing and controlling floating debris. Manufactured from either aluminum, galvanized steel or stainless steel panels, these boom are equipped to handle logs, timber, debris, floating trash and other pollutants.

Trash Boom Accessories: Anchor Kits, Tow Bridles, and More

anchor kitTrash Boom Accessories are available from GEI Works to help customers with their boom deployment and installation. Accessories include:

Floating Trash Boom Design and Applications

The floating trash boom is an aquatic barrier manufactured to contain and control items floating in the water. Built with robust materials, these boom can be built with light-weight materials for short-term control or heavy-duty options for permanent installment.

Typical Applications

  • Trash and Debris Containment
  • Marina Pollution Control
  • Timber and Log Containment
  • Garbage Removal
  • Intake Protection
  • Cranberry Harvesting and Containment
  • Aquatic Plant Containment

Standard Debris Boom Features

Top Flotation: The top flotation of the boom is typically circular in design and adds needed buoyancy to the entire containment barrier. Floats allow the curtain to sit above the surface of the water, while also helping to keep the bottom skirt and remainder of the curtain in place.

Impermeable Fabric: Each standard floating debris boom features an impermeable PVC fabric that contains all debris, plants and other floating items. All fabrics are designed for strength and feature marine grade qualities that allow them to operate in water locations.

Components: In addition to the standard features listed above, each boom includes several components to connect the boom, keep the skirt vertical, and support the boom in moving water locations.

Zinc anode connection points or additional fabrics may also be added depending on the intended duration of containment for the project site.

Steel Mesh Boom

As an alternative to the standard floating boom, GEI Works also offers a Steel Mesh Debris Boom that can be used with larger debris, timbers, branches, or materials. These boom are constructed with a steel mesh that creates higher strength when containing larger items.

For more information on these boom products, please feel free to give us a call at 772-646-0597 or by email at info@geiworks.com.