Temporary Wall Partitions

Temporary Partitions and Separators

Whether for warehouse dividing, temporary work, or short term projects, temporary curtains are a reliable way to divide your area and prevent dust and debris from spreading. Manufactured as part of our industrial curtain line, temporary walls are a flexible and portable product that offers a high level of versatility and control in your location. In addition to use in industrial facilities, these separators are also frequently used in hospitals, work areas, offices, warehouses and other areas where a temporary boundary is required.

Standard Featurescurtain partitions

  • Vinyl Fabric
  • Multiple Color Options Available
  • Solid or Transparent Fabrics
  • Clear View Available for Added Sight or Lighting Requirements
  • Sold by the Roll, with Grommets, or with Screens

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Temporary Walls: Temporary curtain walls are made from flexible, impermeable fabrics to divide, control, and contain areas. Flexible partitions have been used in a wide range of industries to help control flying debris, dust, wood, and other particles that occur as a result of working areas. If needed for office locations, walls are also available in custom colors to address the needs of your facility.

Applicationstemporary curtains

  • Temporary Partitions
  • Dust Control Protectors
  • Wall Dividers
  • Warehouse Dividers
  • Office Partitions
  • Welding Curtains
  • Work Partitions
  • Hospital Partitions

Typical Specifications

Fabric Vinyl or PVC
Typical Heights Up to 8 ft.
Options Available by the roll, with grommet eyes, or with stationary frames or screens.
Colors Transparent or Solid Fabrics
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Custom Wall Curtains

Like all of our flexible curtains, wall curtains can be made with custom configurations or pre-designed styles to match the specific needs of your location. If you are looking for an option that you do not find here, please send us your specifications or dimensions and we would be happy to find a curtain that can successfully meet your requirements.

Additional Options

In addition to these temporary curtain walls, we also make welding curtains, welding screens, curtains, industrial partitions, demolition curtains, shop curtains, and other hanging walls. Check out our complete variety here: Industrial Curtains.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.