Tarp Systems

Systems for Trucks, Trailers, Open Top Containers and More

Tarp Systems are an all-inclusive containment device designed to ease the process of covering, uncovering and containing materials during transportation. Built in sizes and models that can accommodate dump trucks, flatbeds, roll off containers, solid waste trucks, dumpsters, open top containers and more, these tarp cover systems use a range of materials and machinery to keep items effectively contained. Models include sliding cable systems, flip tarp systems, rolling systems, flatbed systems and solid waste tarps.

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Sliding Cable Systems

truck tarp system

Slide Cable Systems feature top bows and sliding cables that move back and forth to cover and uncover stored materials. Accommodating trucks and trailers of almost any size, these systems remove the hassle of covering trailers, saving you time and money. Systems can be built to feature manual or automatic slides.

Flip Tarp Systems

dump truck tarps

Flip Systems use a diamond shape retractable arm that "flips" the tarp up and down to cover open top containers. Available with mesh, PVC or vinyl tarps, these systems have created an easy covering process for dump trucks, roll off containers, asphalt trucks and more.

Rolling Tarp Cover Systems

roll tarps for trailers

Rolling Systems are a classic containment system equipped to roll tarps over open portions of dump trucks, end boxes, trailers and open top containers. Roll systems include a manual hand crank roll or electric rolls to move the tarp over the container. These systems are most commonly used for trailers that require protection from water, wind or rain.

Flatbed Tarp Systems

flatbed tarps

Flatbed Systems include top, side and end covers for your flatbed loads. Featuring a frame that fits the entire length of your flatbed, these systems can be pushed back and forth to extend around loads. At the end of the frame, the end flap can be rolled up and down to complete the containment process. This framework provides a complete frame and container around your materials.

Trash Tarp Cover Systems

dump trailer tarp

Trash Tarp Systems are designed specifically for use with dumpsters, trash transfer vehicles and other solid waste trucks. Made in designs that can be strapped down or electrically flipped down, these tarp systems work to cover materials and prevent items from flying out during transportation.

Tarp Cover Systems include a range of mechanisms, motors, springs, bows and arms that work to cover your materials. When compared to standard covering options, tarp cover systems work to provide customers with an easier, hassle-free way to get their equipment contained. This design helps to uncover and uncover items without personnell having to climb on top and around the container. This not only provides a higher level of safety, but also saves companies thousands of hours of time by quickly uncovering loads.

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Typical Options:

  • Manual/Hand Crank Systems
  • Electric/Automatic Systems

Tarp Options

Specializing in flexible fabrics, Solhutec, a division of GEI Works works to supply tarps and covers for a range of industries and trucking needs including the following:

  • Dump Trucks
  • Roll Off Containers
  • Flat Beds
  • Open Top Trailers
  • End Boxes
  • Dumpsters
  • Open Top Containers

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