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Tarp Covers

Tarps & Covers

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Solhutec, a division of GEI Works's Tarp Covers are made in a range of fabrics, designs, and sizes for implementation as truck tarps, tarp cover systems, pond covers, athletic field covers, floating pond covers and protective tarp systems. Built from robust, top-grade materials, these tarps will protect and contain your equipment.

Truck Tarps

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Truck Tarps are a frequent requirement during the transportation of loads, dirt, asphalt, concrete washout, trash and other materials. Tarp models can feature an impermeable PVC, mesh or vinyl fabric to accommodate your storage requirements. Each tarp can be sold on its own or in combination with a tarp system.

Tarp Systems

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Tarp Systems are used when constant or frequent covering and uncovering of tarps is required. Fitted for dump trucks, flatbeds, roll off containers and trailers, these systems will manually or automatically uncover your container. Available systems include cable tarp systems, flip tarp systems, flatbed tarps, rolling tarps and more.

Athletic Field Covers

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Athletic Field Covers are designed to protect your field or court in down seasons, rain or other weather events. Available in models for baseball fields, soccer fields, hockey courts, home plates, pitching mounds, tennis courts, and practice areas, these covers help keep your field dry and ready for use.

Pond & Lagoon Covers

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Pond Covers, often available in standard and floating models, are designed to cover ponds, landfills, lagoons, treatment plants and other chemical storage areas where gases or odors are a concern. Covers are sized to match the size, dimensions and requirements of your water area.

Tarps & Covers

Tarps and Covers feature a range of fabric materials designed to protect or contain stored materials. Most tarps feature an impermeable fabric design that is resistant to extended UV exposure, rain, water, wind, and dirt. Depending on your application, fabrics may include additional resistances to chemicals, biogas or other liquids being stored in your area. Whether you need a tarp for your dump truck, a cover for your pond or an athletic field tarp to protect home plate, we have a product that can meet your needs!

Truck Tarps: Tarps for Dump Trucks, Roll Offs & More

truck tarps

Due to the constant transportation of dump trucks, asphalt trucks, flatbeds and large containers, tarps are often required to help protect materials while they move from one location to the next. Most Truck Tarps are impermeable to protect against rain and prevent particles or large items from flying out of the storage area. Models are available to fit trucks, trailers and containers of any size.

Tarp Systems: Cable Systems, Flip Systems and Roll Tarps

roll tarp system

To ease the process of rolling and unrolling your tarp, tarp systems from Cramaro Tarps are available in flip, slide cable, rolling and trash models. Each option typically includes either a manual or automatic system.

Athletic Field Covers: For Baseball, Softball, Soccer & More

baseball field tarps

Athletic Field Covers are designed in half field, whole field, arena, mound, and individual plate sizes to accommodate coverage of partial or entire fields. Tarp covers used in these areas have a high resistance to rain and UV exposure, making them ideal for protection against rain or storms. These covers have helped prevent water exposure on clay fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, and arenas, to name a few.

    • Perfect for Baseball Fields, Softball Fields, Soccer Fields, Hockey Arenas, Gyms, Tennis Courts and Pitching Mounds

Floating Covers for Ponds, Lagoons & WWTP's

floating pond covers

Standard and Floating Covers offer the dual advantage of protecting and containing materials in your water area. Standard covers feature an impermeable fabric that can cover ponds, tanks or pits. Floating covers will use the same high-strength fabric, but will also include built-in floats to adjust the cover as water levels rise and fall. Both options provide exterior protection against rain or debris, and interior containment of gases, odors and emissions.

Industrial & Heavy Duty Tarps: Cover and Protect Equipment

industrial tarps

Industrial & Heavy Duty Tarp Covers are additionally available for a range of applications where water protection, leak control, or temporary containment is required. Often used on open top containers, roll off equipment, rooves, machinery, containment sumps and dumpsters, these tarps can help to protect area during outdoor or indoor storage.

Tarps and Covers Design

The design of these tarps and covers includes several fabrics and materials to protect your stored items. Tarps are made from several different fabric options including PVC, Vinyl, Mesh and Elvaloy to line, cover and contain items in your location. Each fabric includes several different thickness options to meet individual weight, transportation and containment demands. Tarps and covers have been used in industries around the world to protect shipments, contain emissions, waterproof loads, contain particles and cover stored items.


  • Flexible, Impermeable Materials
  • Multiple Fabric Options
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to Attach to Items
  • High Strength for Outdoor Applications
  • Successfully Covers and Protects Equipment
  • Multiple Colors to Match Equipment in your Location
  • Pond & Lagoon Covers
  • Dump Truck Covers
  • Transportation Covers
  • Secondary Containment Covers
  • Floating Covers
  • Baseball Field Tarps
  • Industrial/Jobs Site Covers

Custom Tarp Covers

In order to successfully fit your containment area, tarp covers are made in several different styles, fabrics and colors to meet the requirements of your location. We are always willing to provide you with custom covers to match the exact specifications of your site. Please feel free to send us a drawing or specifications so we can review your requirements and build a cover that will match the needs of your location.

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