Stormwater Filtration Products

Storm Drain Protection and Runoff Control

GEI Works offers the Taurus line of dewatering and stormwater filtration products. These products are manufactured from a range of high strength filter fabrics that are designed to remove silt and sediment from a water source. Oils can be filtered as well with the use of specialized absorbents. Equipped for both small and large filtration projects, products include dewatering bags for sediment filtration, pipe socks for runoff control, and drain inserts for stormwater filtration.

Contractors and construction sites must address the issue of stormwater filtration to keep sites in compliance with local, state, or federal regulations. With the Taurus range of products, GEI Works aims to help builders and site engineers stay in compliance with NPDES and other stormwater regulations. Stormwater filtration products are implemented along the edge of construction sites, at the end of pipes, along ponds, or directly in storm drains to filter out unwanted silt or sediment.

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Taurus Pipe Socks

taurus dewatering sockAn economical option for smaller jobs is the pipe or filter sock. Manufactured with needle-punched geotextile fabrics, the socks attach directly to the end of pipes or hoses to filter out discharge as it leaves the site.

The Taurus Pipe Sock is a suitable choice for locations dealing with outflow from pipes or small hoses. Built in 4", 6", 8", 12", or 16" diameters, the filter socks attach directly to the end of a pipe or hose and filter materials as they flow out of the pipe. Filters are small enough to effectively strain and contain unwanted materials before they leave the discharge area.

Taurus Dewatering Bags

dewatering bagsFor large scale projects such as dewatering ponds, filtering out dredging materials, or clearing large site runoff, dewatering bags can be the perfect solution. Equipped to store and filter 1 to 15 cubic yards of materials, the sediment filtration bags have helped lower the cost of dewatering and stormwater filtration for a range of applications.

Taurus Dewatering Bags, also known as silt bags or sediment filter bags, are a common option for the removal of silt, sediment, and debris from storm water or site runoff. Each bag is typically made from a nonwoven geotextile filter fabric that retains sediment while allowing water to flow from the bag.

Taurus Over Grate Filter

over grate filterThe Taurus Over Grate Filter is an economical filtration option for storm drain protection. Street-sweeper friendly, all drain guards are designed with a patented fastening system that allows them to sit directly on top of the grate. This provides fast installation that does not require grate removal. The concept is covered under U.S. Patent No. 10,053,383 B2.

The Over Grate Drain Filter is used for parking lot, street, and construction site drains. They are made with a bi-planar diamond mesh and monofilament geotextile fabric, that act as debris screens for stormwater filtration. While standard sizing for these filters is available, custom filters are available to fit your drain.

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Taurus Under Grate Filter

under grate filterThe Taurus Under Grate Hopper is another great solution for stormwater filtration for the drains of parking lots and construction sites. Installed directly underneath the drain grate, these guards catch debris and sediment within the hopper. Pollutants can be removed, while still allowing water to pass through the filter.

The Taurus Hopper fits under the storm drain or catch basin grate, preventing trash and debris from entering waterways and filtering sediment before it enters the stormwater system. The collection area is larger than standard comparable products, accommodating significant amounts of silt, trash, debris, and sand.

Taurus Curb Inlet Guard

curb inlet filterThe curb drain guard filters stormwater runoff as it flows into a curb inlet. The patented design for inlet storm drain protection stops sediment and debris, filtering water through tough geotextile fabric. (U.S. Patent No. 10,323,401) This reusable and low profile storm drain curb inlet guard fits into the mouth of a drain, so it is out of the way of street sweepers, cyclists, cars, and foot traffic.

Taurus Curb Inlet Guards have a row of overflow ports that keep the water flowing once sediment fills the hopper. The easy-to-install bar system uses the structure of the grate for support, holding the guard flush against the curb. The curb guards act as effective debris screens for stormwater filtration along neighborhood roads and building sites.

Taurus Ditch Check

check damOur patented Taurus Ditch Check functions as a small, temporary dam for ditches, culverts, and swales, providing temporary stabilization on construction sites. Sediment builds up against the self-rising ditch check as water flows against it. Made with a woven monofilament geotextile, check dams prevent sediment and debris from enter waterways and contaminating the local environment. (U.S. Patent No. 10,196,283 B2)

The check dams are easy to install and maintain with a long lasting, stable anchoring system. Once the ditch check is full, the backend lifts up, so the sediment can be shoveled to the disposal area. The Taurus Ditch Check is fully compatible with flocculants for quicker sediment settling.

Taurus Stormwater Filtration Product Features

A majority of the Taurus dewatering and filtration products are constructed using heavy duty geotextile fabrics. Designed specifically for filtration purposes, this fabric is able to effectively remove silt, sediment, and other materials from stormwater runoff, pond runoff, or dewatering sites. All geotextile fabrics are able to handle increased water flows and demanding applications. Our GEI Works stormwater specialists can help you find solutions that will work best for your location.

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