Storm Drain Filter

Drop Insert Filters for Storm Drain Systems

As part of our storm water filtration product line, storm water filters can also be provided for insertion directly into storm drains, inlets, and other drainage areas. Once installed, drain guard filters will work to collect debris, sediment, silt and other items, preventing them from entering your water storage or drain system.

Standard Features

  • Woven or Non Woven Geotextile Fabric
  • Standard or Custom Filters
  • Fits Multiple Drainage Areas

Drop Insert Filters: Drop insert filters include several different styles such as catch basin inserts, inlet protection, and other drainage protection filters. Inserts have been used on storm water runoff in multiple locations to help filter out silt, trash, debris, sediment, sand, and other small trash particles.

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  • Catch Basin Filter
  • Storm Drain Filters
  • Inlet Protection
  • Debris and Trash Filtration
  • Storm Water Runoff Filtering

Typical Specifications

Description Manufactured from a woven or nonwoven filter fabric designed to fit storm drains, catch basins and inlets.
Sizing Custom and standard sizing available. Minimum order typically required.

Custom Storm Water Filtering

Designed to match your specific filtering requirements, storm drain drop insert filters are often custom built to fit your exact drain, inlet or filtering location. Please do not hesitate to provide us with the exact filtering requirements needed in your location.

For higher strength storm water filtering jobs, we also offer Dewatering Filter Bags that can be used to filter out storm water runoff, construction site collection ponds, and other runoff prior to the materials exiting your site. Once collected in these containment bags, silt and sediment can be removed or disposed of safely from your construction area. Bags will feature an inlet typically equipped to accommodate hoses up to four inches (4") in diameter, with larger sizes available upon request.

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