Spill Kits

Oil Spill Kits

Spill kits are a quick and easy way to contain, control and absorb spilled oil or hazardous liquids. Designed in standard and mobile options, these kits include absorbents, safety gear, disposal equipment and a reliable storage container so that all of your materials are in one easy-to-access location. Options include:

  • Truck Spill Kits (5 and 10 gallons)
  • Drum Kits (20, 30,40, 55 and 95 gallons)
  • Mobile Kits (55, 65, 95, and 130 gallons)

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Oil Only Spill Kits

oil spill kits

Oil only spill kits are one of the most common options for spill control and clean up in your location. Typically white in color, these kits are equipped to absorb oil, petroleum and other oil based liquid from your location.

Universal Spill Response Kits

spill response kits

Universal spill response kits are ideal for any location dealing with a range of both aggressive and non-aggressive liquids. Kits have been stored on site to clean up oils, water, acids, caustics, solvents and coolants.

Hazmat Response Kits

spill clean up kits

Hazmat response kits are one of the strongest available options and are designed for areas dealing with aggressive chemicals. All kits will include absorbents that are yellow in color to identify their use with hazardous materials.

Spill Clean Up Kits

Spill response kits are a necessity for any site, business, warehouse or production facility that handles oil or hazardous materials. Designed as either a stationary or portable kit, these units provide easy storage and quick access during times of need. All kits are available in a range of sizes and will include any of the following clean up items: absorbent socks, boom, pads, rolls, pillows. In addition, each unit will also include safety gear and disposal equipment for a completely safe disposal process.

Small Spill Kits

spill kits

Small spill kits are compact units designed to help easily move absorbents and other spill materials to needed locations. Often placed in containers that are small, light weight and portable, these kits can be transported to in the back of trucks, behind seats, or in various other mobile vehicles. Small kits will typically have an absorbency rate ranging anywhere from 4 to 10 gallons.

Standard Spill Response Kits

spill response kits

The most common type of spill kit available is the stationary drum response kits. These kits feature a salvage drum, absorbents (socks, pads, pillows, boom) and safety gear to help contain spills and absorb unwanted materials. Sizes include:

Mobile Spill Kits

spill containment berm

Mobile spill kits offer an easy solution to storing and transporting absorbents around your site. Mobile kits feature a range of absorbents that are stored and transported in a large wheeled container. In the event of a spill, kits are quickly rolled out to a spill site for fast containment and clean up. Options include:

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Oil Spill Containment, Clean Up and Control

Any time you are handling hazardous materials such as acids, corrosives, oil, or chemicals, having a spill response and containment plan is often required to keep your site in compliance with local, state or federal regulations. Many kits are used to help sites comply with 40 CFR 112.7 (1) (v11) and CFR 263.30 (a).



  • Oil Only Kits: Targets oil based liquids (does not absorb water)

  • Universal Kits: Used to absorb a range of liquids including acids, corrosives, water and oil based liquids.

  • HAZMAT Kits: Yellow in color for high visibility and used for aggressive liquid spills
  • 3" x 48" Absorbent Socks
  • Heavy Weight Oil Only Pads
  • 9" x 18" or 18" x 18" Pillows
  • 5" x 10' Oil boom
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Disposal Bags and Ties
  • Emergency Response Guide and Instruction Sheet

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Absorbent Kit Components

As mentioned above, each absorbent kit is built to include a range of components to help absorb and dispose of materials. Each product is designed to accommodate different requirements throughout the spill. Items include:

  • Absorbent Socks and boom: Absorbent socks and boom feature a long, flexible exterior that fits neatly around spills or leaks. Items can be used to surround the entire spill or block off down flow to prevent further spreading.

  • Absorbent Pads and Pillows: Absorbent pads and pillows feature a large surface area that allows spills to be quickly absorbed.

During a standard clean up process, the best way to address a spill is typically to block off the containment area and then absorb the spilled liquids. Before any item is used in the recovery process, always make sure that you are staying within your spill cleanup plan. This usually includes notifying the proper authorities of the spill, gathering the required protection gear and then following your Emergency Response Guide or Instruction Manual. Once the spill has been properly contained, items can be placed in the designated disposal bags and disposed of according to regulations in your area. If you do use your absorbents during the course of a spill, please make sure to properly replace used materials. Kit replacements are available for all spill containment kits.

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