Tank Spill Containment System

Frame Tank for Decontamination and Spill Response

Used as a decontamination and spill containment tank, these frame tanks are designed to handle spill runoff, hazardous materials, and various other materials during decontamination, cleanup and storage applications. Frame tanks are designed for quick setup and are often used in first responder applications during spill containment and control.

Standard Features:decon berms

  • Reliable Inner Liner Fabrics
  • Steel, Aluminum or PVC Walls
  • Optional Fittings (Drain Fittings)
  • Open Top
  • Folding Frames

Frame Tanks

Open top frame tanks are one of the most versatile containment options available for storage and containment of liquids. Tanks are manufactured with an open top and folding exterior for quick placement and use under tanks, drums, storage units. These tanks have also been used as part of a containment system for decon showers, spill cleanup, and hazmat spill response.


  • Decon Showers
  • Tank Spill Containment
  • Hazmat Decontamination
  • Spill Cleanup
  • First Response Applications

Technical Specifications

Containment Systems: These frame tanks feature high resistance fabrics, folding steel or PVC frames, optional drain fittings and covers. Perfect for use as part of a decon system or spill cleanup.

Spill Containment System Applications

Due to their flexible exteriors, easy portability, and open top design, these folding frame tanks have been a favorite for many spill containment and decontamination systems. Tanks are often folded up for quick transportation, and then taken out and easily deployed in your location. This flexibility has allowed them to be frequently implemented as part of a first response effort, cleanup operation, or spill containment job.

If you are looking for something that will additionally provide a drive-through ability, we also offer low-profile Spill Containment Systems and Berms that can be used to contain spills from vehicles, tanks, drums, and other storage devices.

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