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OX-Spill Berm: Aluminum Angle Berms

The OX-Spill Berm Aluminum Angle is part of our flexible containment product line manufactured to help control spills, catch leaks, and prevent contamination in your location. Working to provide customers with spill control that is both reliable and meets regulations, aluminum angle berms are constructed with a standard wall height of one foot (1'). This height is achieved through aluminum angle brackets that are inserted into side pockets located along the berm.

OX-Spill Berm:
Aluminum Angle

  • Flexible Construction
  • Aluminum Angle Side Walls (1')
  • Removable Side Brackets
  • High Resistance Fabrics
  • Optional Drain Fittings or Other Accessories Available

Aluminum Angle Containment Berm: Although these berms are not commonly thought of as a drive through product, they can be implemented in mobile activities. To drive equipment onto the berm, remove aluminum angles from one side of the berm (preferably from the side you are using as the entrance wall). After the brackets have been removed, the wall of the berm should lie flat. This allows equipment to move over the flattened wall and into the containment area. Once the vehicle is inside, re-insert the brackets back into the wall.


  • Valve and Leak Control
  • Chemical Tank Storage
  • Fuel Tank Storage
  • Frac Tank Containment
  • Tote Spill Containment
  • Production Water Containment
  • Secondary Spill Response
  • Decon Operations


Typical Wall Height Standard Wall Height is 1' (4" to 4' also available)
Fabric Options Elvaloy, PVC, LLDPE
Bracket Options Standard or Heavy Duty
Sizing Standard or Custom Sizing Available
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Berm Accessories
repair kits Ground Liners
Tread Guards
Drain Fittings
Geo Pads
Carry Bags

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Custom Sizing

While these berms are available in several standard sizes, they can also be constructed in almost any size to meet the requirements of your location. Berms are commonly built to specifically fit around large vehicles, wider-sized tanks, and large machinery to safely contain spills. If you are looking for a unique size, please do not hesitate to ask or give us a call at 888-703-9889 toll free or (+1) 772-646-0597 .

Additional Spill Containment Berms

spill containment bermsIn order to meet the demands of multiple customers, containment berms have been additionally constructed with the following designs:

Models like the foam wall berms and drive on berms can be the perfect option for locations looking to frequently move equipment in and out of the spill area. Foam installed within these berms features a flexible nature that allows it to snap right back into place after it is driven over. This makes entry and exit onto the berm fast and hassle free.