Spill Containment Absorbents

Absorbent Sweep

The Absorbent Sweep is a thin absorbent material designed to sweep the surface of the water in moving water areas. Constructed to move or float along the surface, sweeps are able to effectively catch and absorb oil along the surface of the water. Standard sweeps are available in an 18" x 100' size and are rated to absorb up to 32 gallons of oil.

Oil Sweep Features:spill containment absorbent

  • Size: 18" x 100'
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Material: Melt Blown Polypropylene
  • End to End Woven Reinforcing Strap
  • Sewn Outside Edges

Design and Use

Due to its intended use in moving water locations, the oil sweep is constructed with robust materials that add increased support and strength to the product. Standard sweeps are constructed primarily from a melt blow polypropylene material. All edges of the material are sewn for added support. In addition, an end-to-end reinforcing strap runs the entire length of the sweep. This makes the oil sweep high in strength, easy to pull, and equipped for use on job sites.


  • Oil Slicks
  • Oil Spill Sites
  • Oil Containment Areas
  • Areas with Fast Currents

Oil Sweep Specifications

Part Number Description Size Absorbency Packaging Units/Skid
K4H18100Z16 Oil Only Sweep, end to end reinforced strap 18" x 100' 32 gallons 1/Bale 36

  • Oil Only Sorbents: The Oil Sweep is one of many oil only spill containment absorbents. Rated exclusively for oil, these sweeps are often used to absorb oil or oil based liquids.


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