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Spill Containment Berms, Turbidity Curtains, Flexible Tanks & More

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Turbidity Curtains

curtain iconFloating turbidity curtains are used to keep silt, sediment, and turbidity effectively contained during various marine construction projects. Available models include Calm Water Curtains (Type 1), Moving Water Curtains (Type 2), and Fast Water Curtains (Type 3).

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OX-Spill Berms

containment iconSpill Containment Berms are one of the easiest ways to control and contain hazardous materials in your location. Our OX-Spill Berm product line features a range of models to help keep locations in compliance with local EPA and SPCC regulations.

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Floating Boom and Barriers

boom iconFor containment of oil, debris, trash, litter and more, floating boom and barriers can be the perfect option. These boom are made in calm water, moving water and offshore water models to accommodate different conditions on your site.

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Dewatering and Filtration

filtration iconStormwater Filtration and Dewatering Products include dewatering bags, pipe socks, and custom drain filters to remove sediment, silt and oil from your runoff in your location.

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Mars Flexible Tanks

water drop iconFlexible Storage Tanks, also known as Water Bladders or Pillow Tanks, are built to store drinking water, non-potable water, and even fuel. These tanks are available with low profiles and flexible materials to effectively contain and store liquids.

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Primary and Secondary Liners

liners iconSolhutec, a division of GEI Works's range of primary and secondary containment liners have been used to line ponds, industrial storage areas, runoff ponds, industrial facilities and more. Working for multiple containment requirements, fabrics for these liners have included LLDPE, PVC, XR-5 (or equivalent), and more.

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Tarps and Covers

cover iconKeeps your equipment safely covered with one of our tarps, liners or covers. Available items include tarp systems for dump trucks, flatbeds, or trailers, athletic field covers, and covers for ponds, lagoons and waste water treatment plants.

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Industrial Curtains

welding iconWhen your facility needs to section off areas, industrial curtains, partitions and screens can be an economical solution. Used for welding areas, warehouses, and facilities, these curtains are be built to meet your needs.

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Custom Products

custom iconsAs a manufacturer of flexible products, Solhutec, a division of GEI Works is often able to create custom products to meet the needs and specifications of the customer. If you require a specific size, unique product, or custom design, please do not hesitate to provide use with your requirements.

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Absorbents and Spill Kits

Absorbents and Spill Kits are the perfect addition to any port, marina, facility, business, warehouse or storage location. Designed to offer fast response during emergencies, these products can be quickly accessed and implemented after a spill. Items include pads, kits, boom, socks, pillows, mats and more.

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