Primary & Secondary Containment Liner

Primary & Secondary Liners

GEI Works's Primary and Secondary Containment Liner Variety includes a range of fabrics and materials to line tanks, cisterns, dumpsters, ponds, lakes, lagoons and runoff areas. Manufactured to order, these liners will effectively contain and control liquids in your location.

flexible pond liners

Flexible Pond Liners

Flexible Pond Liners are a great option for any location with small ponds. Often used in the creation of garden ponds, fresh water ponds, and koi ponds, these liners are available in several fabrics, including options that are fresh water and/or fish rated.

pond liner

Industrial Pond Liners

For larger scale ponds, Industrial Pond Liners are frequently used to prevent erosion, contain liquids, and help stabilize the formation of ponds. These liners have been implemented in lakes, ponds, lagoons, and various storage pits.

dumpster liners

Dumpster Liners

Dumpster Liners are the most common choice for containment in dumpsters, drop boxes and roll off containers. Made in standard sizes (20 yd., 30 yd., or 40 yd. containers) as well as custom sizes, these liners protect interiors of disposal containers and ease the clean out process.

tank liners

Tank Liners

Tank Liners, including cistern liners, reservoir liners, and chemical storage liners, are a great way to store liquids and protect the interior of tanks. Often used for leak control, corrosion protection, or chemical containment, these liners can help extend the lifespan of almost any storage unit.

liner accessories

Containment Liners

While many of our liners are designed to address the concerns of primary liquid storage, we also offer Secondary Containment Liners for spill and leak control under machinery, equipment or vehicles. These liners typically offer a high level of resistance to hydrocarbons and chemicals in the area.

Primary & Secondary Liners

Primary and secondary containment liners are a must for the containment of liquids, leak protection and spill response plans. Equipped for long-term control, these liners have helped with the lining of ponds, lagoons, spill containment under equipment, and industrial containment applications. Whether you are looking for short term spill containment or long term liquid control, these liners can help keep your liquids from entering environmental surroundings.

Flexible Pond Liners: Great For Garden Ponds & Koi Ponds

flexible liners

The Flexible Pond Liner is a reliable way to provide support and stabilization for your ponds. Made from multiple fabrics, including fish safe materials, these liners effectively bulk up surrounding walls in man made ponds.

  • Flexible LLDPE, XR-5, Polyurethane, Elvaloy, or Equivalent Fabrics
  • Fish-Rated/ Fresh Water Options
  • Built to Meet the Size of your Pond
  • Flexible Pond Liners
  • Accessories

Industrial Liners for Ponds, Lakes, and Cooling Ponds

Industrial pond liners are made with robust, high strength materials for waste water treatment plants, lagoons, frac containment sites and industrial facilities. Often used to protect sites from unwanted pond drainage, these liners offer a high resistance impermeable barrier to prevent contamination. industrial pond liners

Dumpster Liners: Dumpsters, Roll-Off Containers & Drop Boxes

Dumpster liners are an economical fabric designed for the lining of dumpsters, roll-off containers, dump trucks, boxes and more. Typically made for 20 yd., 30 yd. or 40 yd. dumpsters, these liners can help keep containers clean for quick disposal and reuse. dumpster liners

  • Protects the Interior of Containers
  • Easy to Use, Clean & Reuse Dumpsters
  • Fast Installation and Removal
  • Dumpster Liners
  • Accessories

Tank Liners: Protection for Cisterns, Reservoirs & Storage Tanks

The Tank Liner is a reliable fabric option designed to address leaking cisterns, chemical storage or rust and corrosion prevention. Made from a flexible materials, these liners can be installed underground, above ground or in custom shaped storage areas.tank liners

Containment Liners: Battening, Geotextiles, Pipe Boots & More

Secondary containment liners are perfect for areas ranging anywhere from industrial sites to oil fields. Built to handle leaks, drips, and small spills, these liners are often placed under large equipment to line and protect your area. Secondary containment liners may also be placed under large tanks, fuel storage vessels, 55 gallon drums, and other liquid containers. containment liners

Flexible Liner Variety

Primary and secondary containment liners are designed from several high-strength fabrics to help contain liquids and prevent leaks or spills into the surrounding environment. Typical liner fabrics will include PVC, LLDPE, Polyurethane, Dupont's Elvaloy®, and XR-5 (or equivalent). Choosing the right liner will depend on your location, the type of liquid you need to contain, and the level of flexibility required for your location.


  • Multiple Fabrics & Sizes
  • Equipped to Handle Several Different Liquids
  • Ideal for Both Primary & Secondary Containment
  • Can be Custom Designed for your Tank or Location
  • Built to Work Around Fittings and Pipes
  • Flexible Exteriors to Fit Different Areas
  • Prevents Harmful Materials from Entering the Environment
  • Secondary Containment
  • Pond Lining
  • Cistern or Tank Lining
  • Spill Protection
  • Roll-Off Container Liners
  • Lagoon/WWTP Liners
  • Storm Water/Retention Pond Lining
  • Frac Tank or Pit Lining

Custom Secondary Containment Liners

To help successfully fulfill your needs or storage requirements, we often build these liners to custom fit your location. In order to accommodate the size of your tank, pond, or facility, we design these liners to fit around pipes, fittings, or other accessories located in the area. This can help to exactly line your location for the most effective and leak-proof solution. Please feel free to provide us with drawings or specifications so that we can create boots and accessories that will work around fittings in your location. Additional, we will commonly urge customers to provide us with information regarding their site conditions, such as temperatures, exposure to the sun and other requirements. For pricing information, please feel free to fill out our Secondary Containment Liner Form.

Liner Accessories

Regardless of whether you need a commercial, industrial or residential liner, Solhutec, a division of GEI Works offers accessories to help with installation, protection and drainage during storage. Options include:

For more information regarding these specific accessories and how they can be used with your primary or secondary containment liner, please check out our Liner Accessories.

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