Dumpster PVC Liner

PVC Liners for Dumpster and Roll-Off Containers

The PVC liner is an economical, robust and high resistance fabric manufactured to fit most dumpsters and roll of containers. Often functioning as primary containment, dumpster liners feature high resistances to several chemicals. This equips containment liners for use with trash, runoff materials, concrete washout, dirt, sediment and other potentially harmful materials. Use of these PVC liners has helped to protect the interior of a dumpster from unwanted contamination, rust, and corrosion. Dumpster liners also help to speed up the disposal process by removing the need for extra cleaning or washing of the dumpster.

Standard Dumpster Liner Featurespvc liner

  • Typical Fabrics:
    • PVC
    • XR-5 (or equivalent)
    • Elvaloy®
  • Fits Most Dumpsters and Roll Off Containers
  • Equipped for UV Exposure
  • High Chemical Resistances
  • Custom Sizes Available

Dumpster Liner: The Dumpster Containment Liner is most commonly used to line the entire interior of a dumpster, drop box or roll off container. When used properly, these liners work to increase the life expectancy of your container by preventing unwanted contamination and protecting interiors from constant washing and cleaning. While many of these liners are available in standard sizes to fit 20 yard, 30 yard, or 40 yard containers, we are also able to provide custom sizing to fit drop boxes, dump trucks or other disposal containers.

PVC Liner Applications

  • Dumpster Linersdumpster liner
  • Trash Containment Liners
  • Concrete Washout Containers
  • Roll Off Container Liners
  • Asbestos Containment
  • Dust or Dirt Control
  • Facility Liners
  • Liners may also be used for Ponds, Lakes, Collection Areas, Golf Courses and More

Atlas Dumpster Liners Typical Specifications

Liner Fabrics Typically made from a PVC or Poly Fabric
Dimensions Designed to fit 20 yd., 30 yd. and 40 yd. Containers
Additional sizes available upon request

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