Mars Flexible Potable Water Tank

Safely Store Drinking Water Materials

Flexible Potable Water Tanks are a reliable and economical storage option for residential areas, construction sites, industrial facilities and military locations. Manufactured from fabrics that meet FDA and NSF 61 requirements, these tanks are able to safely store potable water until times of need. Standard flexible water tanks are fabricated in sizes from 25 to 50,000 gallons to meet the needs of both small and large storage requirements. Whether for home water storage or bulk military water supply, these tanks are an easy way to keep your water contained.

Flexible Potable Water Tank Features

  • Robust Exterior Fabricpotable water bladder
  • Interior Liners: FDA and NSF 61 Approved Fabrics
  • Capacities Up to 50,000 Gallons
  • Handles UV Exposure, Cold, and Hot Temperatures
  • Standard Fittings:
    • (2) 2" Bulkhead Flange
    • (2) 2" Caps
    • (2) 2" Male NPT Nipple
  • Optional Fittings Available
  • Custom Designs & Sizing Available
  • Accessories: Ground Cloth, Tank Covers, and Liners

Drinking Water Tanks

Potable water tanks are manufactured from top-of-the-line fabrics that create a reliable outer structure for storing your drinking water. Made from FDA and NSF 61 fabrics that include PVC, Elvaloy, and polyurethane, these tanks are equipped to safely store your potable or food grade liquids.

Flexible tanks are built with a lay-flat design that allows the tank to lie flat when empty and expand as it is filled with liquid. This design makes it easy for tanks to be folded and moved from one location to the next as needed.

Potable Water Tank Applications:flexible water tanks

  • Disaster Relief Efforts
  • Drinking Water Storage
  • Construction Site Storage
  • Facility Storage
  • Rainwater Collection
  • Military Operations

Mars Standard Potable Water Tank Specifications

Specifications Potable Water Tank Specifications
Fabrics 22 oz, 30 oz, or 40 oz FDA and NSF 61 Fabric
(includes Elvaloy, Polyurethane and PVC)
Capacities 25 to 50,000 Gallons
Contact Times 1 to 7 Years
Standard Fittings (2) 2" Bulkhead Flange
(2) 2" Caps
(2) 2" Male NPT Nipple
Optional Sizes and Fittings Available on Request

Ground Liner, Tank Cover, Repair Kit, Tank Fittings

Mars Pillow Tank Advantages

Unlike a rigid storage unit, the Mars Pillow Tank offers a flexible construction that can accommodate elongated areas, wider storage spaces or areas dealing with a low height restrictions. Flexible Tanks can be built in standard sizes or can be customized sized to meet the space and restrictions of your area.

Additional Flexible Water Storage Tank Options

Meeting the demands of several liquid storage requirements, flexible potable water tanks have been additionally constructed using non-potable water and fuel grade fabrics for the successful storage of frac water, industrial liquids, diesel fuel, Jet A fuel, and even hydrocarbons. Flexible tanks are designed to be robust in their construction for a flexible, collapsible outer structure. For more information on our complete liquid storage variety, please check out our Mars Flexible Storage Tanks.

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