Pipe Boot

Prevents Leaks Around Pipes, Inlets or Extrusions

The Pipe Boot is the perfect addition to any primary or secondary containment liner. Made in sizes that match the specific requirements of your location, these boots feature pipe extensions to line the outside of pipes and bottom fabrics to prevent any leaks between the two materials. This provides a seamless liner construction that keeps liquids contained even when pipes and fittings penetrate through the liner. All boots should be installed after the the installation of the liner.

Fabrics Sizing Additional Options

XR-5, Elvaloy, or Equivalent

Chosen based on the material used for your liner

Designed to fit around the diameter of the pipe. All boots will additionally feature a flat bottom fabric for attachment to the liner. Additional Accessories

Pond Underlayment and Overlayment

Any time you are looking to install a liner in your location, please be sure to mention any possible penetrations that the liner will need to accommodate. When constructing your liner, pipe boots and other covers will be made simultaneously to provide you with matching materials and easy installation on site.

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Installation:pipe boot install

  1. Cut a Hole in the Liner to Allow for the Pipe to Penetrate Through

  2. Slide the Boot Over the Liner (mark off where the boot stops on the pipe)

  3. If Required, Cut the Base of the Boot so that it Extends 6" Over the Cut Areapipe boots in place

  4. Remove the Boot

  5. Clean the Pipe and Liner with Water and/or a Cleaning Agent

  6. Apply the Adhesive to the Bottom of the Boot Basepipe boot in place

  7. Slide the Boot Over the Pipe

  8. Secure the Bottom to the Liner by Pressing Down/Flattening the Base with a Roller

  9. Apply Tape to All Edges of the Boot Basepipe boots

  10. Place a Clamp Over the Liner and Boot (once in place, tighten the clamp)

  11. Apply to the Top of the Boot Around the Edge that is Touching the Pipe

Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.