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Onion Tank

The Hydrostar Self Rising Onion Tank

The Hydrostar Onion Tank is an industrial-strength storage option that provides fast open top storage of liquids including process water, waste water and production fluids. Perfect for any job site or facility that requires bulk liquid storage, these tanks are an economical alternative to standard storage options. All onion water tanks are designed to be completely collapsible and self-rising for fast transportation to and from a storage area. With fast set up and easy filling on site, these tanks are an economical way to temporarily store water.

Standard Features:onion water tank, hydrostar

  • High Strength Fabric
  • Open Top
  • 2" Drain Fitting
  • Self-Supporting Tank Structure
  • Self Rising
  • Optional Covers and Ground Liners

Onion Tanks

The frameless onion water tank is a completely flexible and self-supporting structure. When compared to other storage options, these tanks faster to set up and easier to maintain during storage. Their easy yet reliable design has made them a favorite for first response, emergency response, decontamination or temporary bulk liquid storage. When not in use, all tanks will collapse down for compact storage and quick transportation.


  • Industrial Water Storage
  • Frac Water Storage
  • Decon Pools
  • Fire Fighting Efforts
  • Remote Location Water Storage
  • Irrigation Water Storage

Hydrostar Onion Tank Typical Specifications

Part Number Type Size Material Base Diameter Filled Height
TRTO0250K1 Low Side 250 gal 22 oz PVC Fabric 5'-10" 28"
TRTO0500K1 Low Side 500 gal 22 oz PVC Fabric 7' 30"
TRTO100028K1 Low Side 1,000 gal 28 oz PVC Fabric 7' 32"
TRTO200028K1 Low Side 2,000 gal 28 oz PVC Fabric 13' 32"
TRTO250028K1 Low Side 2,500 gal 28 oz PVC Fabric
14'-3" 32"
TRTO300028K1 Low Side 3,000 gal 28 oz PVC Fabric 15'-3" 34"
TRTO6000X1 Low Side 6,000 gal 30 oz Elvaloy Fabric 21'-6" 33"
TRTOH0500K1 High Side 500 gal 22 oz PVC Fabric 5' 36"
TRTOH100028K1 High Side 1,000 gal 28 oz PVC Fabric 8'-6" 44"
TRTOH120028K1 High Side 1,200 gal 28 oz PVC Fabric 9'-8" 44"
TRTOH160028K1 High Side 1,600 gal 28 oz PVC Fabric 10'-9" 44"
TRTOH180028K1 High Side 1,800 gal 28 oz PVC Fabric 11'-0" 46"
TRTOH200028K1 High Side 2,000 gal 28 oz PVC Fabric 11'-9" 48"
TRTOH250028K1 High Side 2,500 gal 28 oz PVC Fabric 12'-8" 48"
TRTOH300028K1 High Side 3,000 gal 28 oz PVC Fabric 14'-2" 48"
TRTOH1000028K1 High Side 10,000 gal 28 oz PVC Fabric 19'-4" 80"
TRTOH10000X1 High Side 10,000 gal 30 oz Elvaloy Fabric 19'-4" 80"

Standard Fitting:
2" Fitting

Optional Accessories: Fittings, Tank Covers, Ground Cloth

Flexible Storage Options

The onion tank is one of many flexible storage and containment options available for industrial or commercial applications. Due to the flexible layout of the tanks, these units are often built with fabrics that equipped to meet the specific demands and storage requirements of your location.

To help extend the lifespan of your tank, many customers also choose to use additional items such as a ground cloth or top cover to help protect your tank and stored liquids. Items like the ground cloth are designed to offer a reliable liner to line your location and protect the bottom of your tank from abrasions. Similarly, top covers are used to cover the contents of your tank and prevent wind, rain, and sediment from mixing into your tank. Fittings may also be added to the tank to help quickly drain your materials.

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