Oil Spill Absorbent Materials

Oil Absorbent Snares

Absorbent Snares are a sling-style absorbent used in areas dealing with a significant build-up of thick or emulsified oil. Designed specifically for heavier oils, the Oil Snare is effective in capturing and retaining Bunker C (#4 and #5 oil) and Bunker B (#6 oil) oils. Snares can be used individually or placed on a rope for mass clean up in offshore or open water areas. Once the snare is place, it will absorb oil until it forms a ball-like structure that can be easily removed and placed in disposal.

Snare Features:spill control kit

  • Packaging Options:
    • Loosely Packed for Individual Use
    • Placed on a 50' Braided Rope
  • Absorbs #1 or #2 Fuel Oils
  • 8 oz. snares
  • 30 snares per bale

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Design and Use

Oil Absorbent Snares are a versatile product that can be used by hand or in conjunction with open water spill clean up products. One of the most effective methods of use is by combining the use of snares with a long braided rope. In this set up, snares are placed every 22 inches along the length of a rope that is 50 feet in length. Ropes with snares can then be pulled behind boats to absorb oil from the surface of the water. This is perfect for open waters, off shore areas, or areas where oil is leaking continuously into a waterway.

Snare Uses:

  • Shorelines
  • Coasts
  • Beaches
  • Open Waters

Oil Snare Specifications

Part Number Description Absorbency Packaging Units/Skid
K4FR8Z16 8 oz. snares with 50' yellow braided rope, Quantity: 30 22 gallons 1/Bale 36
K4FB8Z16 8 oz. snares in a bag
Quantity: 30
22 gallons 30/Bale 36

  • Oil Only Sorbents: Snare oil spill absorbent materials are part of the oil only product line designed to capture and absorb oil and oil based liquids. Snares are designed with properties and components that equip them for use with #4 or #5 oil (Bunker B) and #6 fuel oil (Bunker C).


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Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.