Oil Containment Boom

Oil Containment Boom Construction

oil boomOil containment boom are a robust containment option for coast guards, oil spill responders and other emergency response teams. Designed for implementation at the start of a spill, these bright yellow boom surround areas to contain oil and prevent further pollution. Standard oil boom are made from high strength fabrics and include a top flotation device, bottom ballast chain, impermeable PVC and a range of other tension components to help stabilize the boom.

Oil Containment boom are high strength floating barriers designed for quick response and containment after a spill. Often manufactured as part of a spill response plan, these boom are made from top grade materials to contain oil and protect aquatic habitats. boom are available in calm water, moving water or offshore models.

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Calm Water Oil Containment Boom

calm water oil boomCalm Water Oil Boom are designed exclusively for oil containment in areas where water flow is limited. This commonly includes areas such as marinas, small ponds and calm water lakes. Boom sections are available in 25 feet, 50 feet or 100 feet for small or large water areas.

Calm Water Oil Containment Boom, often referred to as our calm water and marina boom, are available in standard section sizes of 25 feet, 50 feet and 100 feet. All boom sections will contain either a grommet or slide connector that allows sections to be connected together to reach desired lengths.

Moving Water Oil Boom

oil containment boomFor areas with fast or moving water, Moving Water Oil Boom are a reliable choice. These boom have been implemented in rivers, lakes, streams and fast water locations to contain, exclude or deflect oil.

Moving or Fast Water Containment boom are higher in strength and designed for areas dealing with a current, waves, tides or other demanding conditions. In addition to standard components, these boom feature a tension cable that helps to control the barrier in currents. All boom use a standard 22 oz. fabric and marine grade connectors.

Offshore Oil ContainmentBoom

oil fence boomOffshore Oil boom are the strongest oil containment boom available and are designed to target oil containment in areas where water flow is high. This includes use along coastlines or in offshore containment locations.

The Offshore Oil Containment Boom is a high strength floating barrier designed to provide control of oil in fast moving water conditions. Made from robust materials that hold up to fast flowing locations, these boom have helped to contain oil in even the most demanding of location.

Oil Fence Boom

oil spill fence boomThe Oil Spill Fence Boom is an emergency response containment boom designed for quick deployment and spill response. Oil Fence Boom are designed in 25 feet, 50 feet and 100 feet sections and can be folded, stacked or stored on reels for fast deployment after a spill.

The Oil Fence Boom is a floating containment barrier designed for emergency spill response around marinas, harbors and ports. Manufactured with compacted flotations, these boom sit vertically to contain spills around docks and loading areas. Fence boom are perfect for deployment on reels and can be stacked, reeled or folded when not in use.

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Floating Containment Boom Features

Due to their high level of flexibility, easy storage around job sites, and quick deployment abilities, these floating boom are a favorite for spill responders, cleanup crews and personnel. When dealing with an oil spill, containment is often the first step in successfully preventing liquids from spreading in your location. Boom may be deployed around spills to help limit the spread of liquids or around protected areas to prevent spilled materials from contaminating the area.

Floating oil containment boom are built in connecting sections, which are then joined together to form long cleanup boom. Once boom have been extended fully around your spilled liquids, areas can then be cleaned up with skimmers and other equipment used to collect and dispose of oil.

Floating Boom Accessories

Whether you are using an oil boom, debris boom or floating turbidity curtain, floating boom accessories can help with the deployment and installation process.

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