Leak Diverter

OX-Roof Leak Diverter

The OX-Roof Leak Diverter is a containment and collection tarp designed to address leaks from your roof, pipes or ceiling. All tarps are constructed from a reliable 22 oz. reinforced fabric that effectively contains water until it can be redirected into a collection area. Great for a leaking pipe, roof or ceiling, these diverters act fast to contain leaks while repair is underway.

Standard Features:leak diverter

  • 22 oz. Reinforced Fabric
  • Attachment Every 12" on Center
  • 2" Reinforced Edges
  • Multiple Sizes

How the Roof Drip Diverter Works

The leak diverter is a quick-response product designed for easy attachment and installation to your roof. Each drip diverter contains a series of connection points every 12" along the edge of the fabric. While tarps are typically installed through the four anchor points, additional connections can be attached as needed. At the bottom of the tarp is hose connection point. As the water is channelled downwards, it will drain through the bottom hose and into your collection bucket, sink or other areas. Diverter tarps are available in several different sizes to accommodate the size of your leak.


  • Leaking Roof
  • Leaking Pipes
  • Containment During Plumbing Work
  • Dripping Ceiling

Typical Specifications

Part Number Size Included Components
SCTR025025K1 2.5' x 2.5'

Attachment Every 12" on Center
2" Reinforced Edges
Bottom Hose Connection

SCTR050050K1 5' x 5'
SCTR070070K1 7' x 7'
SCTR100100K1 10' x 10'
SCTR120120K1 12' x 12'
SCTR150150K1 15' x 15'

Tarps and Covers

The roof diverter tarp is one of many tarps and covers designed to help contain materials and protect your location. Tarps are also available for dump trucks, industrial facilities, ponds, athletic fields, lagoons and more. For more options, check out Truck Tarp Systems or our Tarps and Covers.

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