Industrial Curtains

Welding Curtains and Partitions

industrial curtainsIndustrial Curtains, Partitions and Screens are used in a range of facilities and businesses to control particles, dust, sparks, noise, and sound. Whether used for safety or privacy, these curtains are built to meet the needs of your location. Curtain wall partitions, welding screens, and temporary barriers are used in industries and businesses around the world to economically control, contain, and section off areas. Made from high strength vinyl or PVC fabrics, these curtains can be made with screens, grommets or connections to slide, roll or move across your location. Constructed to the visibility levels required for your location, these fabrics have been used as welding curtains, industrial partitions, demolition curtains, temporary walls, office partitions, dividers and separators for cars and air crafts. Not sure if these curtains are right for you?

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Partition Curtains

curtatin partitionsCurtain Wall Partitions are one of the most economical ways to section off areas around your business. Made from high quality fabrics, these curtains have been effectively used to separate offices, work areas, welding stations, hospital rooms, cars, and more. Industrial curtain partitions are manufactured to help section off facilities, work areas, and other locations where temporary or economical walls are required. As part of our industrial curtain line, fabrics used for these barriers are either solid, transparent, or a combination of both for different sectioning needs. These curtains can then be hung or placed with frames to create separate work areas in your location.

Industrial Curtain Walls

industrial curtainIndustrial Curtain Walls are made from robust fabrics to contain flying sparks, wood, dust or particles during standard operation. In large, open floor spaces, these curtains can provide an economical solution to controlling sound, adding privacy, or keeping items contained. Industrial Curtains feature a range of fabric materials to provide partitioning, containment, or demolition control. Often placed around work spaces to contain flying debris, dust, grains, wood, sparks and other particles, these curtains provide a controlled space to prevent the spreading of materials. Industrial Containment Curtains are available in a range of colors, sizes and styles to meet various workspace requirements.

Welding Curtains & Screens

welding curtainsWelding Curtains are hanging, sliding or rolling curtains designed to protect and contain welding areas. Curtains can feature a solid or see through fabric to accommodate different visibility requirements. Welding Curtains and Screens are available for indoor or outdoor containment around welding stations in your facility. Manufactured from fabrics that are equipped to contain sparks, fumes and other welding by-products, these curtains are an economical solution to your containment and storage requirements. Working to meet the needs of your location, these fabrics are available in multiple colors, styles and transparency levels to accommodate your requirements.



  • Factories
  • Welding Stations
  • Construction Locations
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Car Washes
  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Successfully Contains Sparks & Flying Debris
  • Flexible Fabrics for Customized Designs
  • Grommet Eyelets for Easy Hanging
  • High Resistance Materials

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