Industrial Curtain

Partitions for Separation and Containment

Industrial Curtains feature a range of fabric materials to provide partitioning, containment, or demolition control. Often placed around work spaces to contain flying debris, dust, grains, wood, sparks and other particles, these curtains provide a controlled space to prevent the spreading of materials. Industrial Containment Curtains are available in a range of colors, sizes and styles to meet various workspace requirements.

Standard Features:industrial curtain

  • Fabric Options: Vinyl, PVC
  • Color Options: Solid or Transparent, Clear View also Available
  • Options: Roll, Screens or with Grommets

Industrial Containment Curtains

These flexible, hanging dividers are available in a range of styles to provide added visibility, security, safety, sound and light dispersement in your location. Depending on your requirements, these curtains can be made from fabrics that provide added resistance to flames, heat, dust, chemicals and other contaminants.

Applications:industrial curtain walls

  • Demolition Curtains
  • Welding Curtains/Screens
  • Work Station Containment
  • Shop Work
  • Temporary Work Station Dividers
  • Work Shop Controls

Typical Specifications

Fabric Vinyl
Typical Heights Up to 6 ft.
Options Available by the roll, with grommet eyes, or with stationary frames or screens.
Colors Transparent or Solid Fabrics
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Custom Requirements & Additional Products

Specializing in flexible fabric materials, Solhutec, a Division of GEI Works is able to offer customer's a range of fabrics including Vinyl, PVC, and High Resistance Fabrics. Often chosen based on the specific needs of your location, these fabrics can offer increased support and containment in your location. Working to meet the needs of multiple customers, we also offer clear view curtains, transparent partitions, welding curtains, welding screens, and other barriers to help section, divide and contain work stations. For more information on our complete curtain variety, please check our all of our Industrial Partitions and Curtains.

When not being implemented as industrial partitions, these fabrics have also been used for dump trucks, tarps, spill control and other industrial containment requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific requirements so we can find a fabric that will best meet your needs. For more information on additional product lines, including some of our tarps, covers, and liners, please check out the following pages:

Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.