Mars Flexible Gray Water Tank

Easy Storage for Irrigation Water, Rainwater, Process Water & More

Mars Gray Water Pillow Tanks are a flexible storage option for any location handling the containment and storage of non-potable liquids. Perfect for rainwater collection, industrial liquid storage, construction site water supply, and even waste water containment, these tanks offer an economical alternative to standard storage requirements. All tanks can be built from either commercial or industrial grade materials to accommodate your storage and location requirements. Models are available in sizes ranging from 25 to 50,000 gallons.

Standard Features:

  • Robust Outer Fabric Materials
  • Capacities: 25 to 50,000 Gallonsgray water tank
  • Equipped for Cold and Hot Climates
  • Pillow Style Design
  • Standard Fittings:
    • (2) 2" Bulkhead Flange
    • (2) 2" Caps
    • (2) 2" Male NPT Nipple
  • Multiple Optional Fittings
  • Available Ground Cloth and Liners
  • Custom Designs and Sizing Available Upon Request

Gray Water Tank Construction

All pillow tanks are manufactured with a range of high strength materials that are equipped to handle multiple liquids, temperatures and storage conditions. Each fabric is chosen based on the type of liquid you will be storing the tanks, the intended storage time, and your site conditions. Tanks will also feature two 2" fittings, one for fill/discharge located on the top of the tank, and one for fill/discharge located on the side of the tank. Larger fittings or additional fittings may be added on request. In some circumstances, Accessories such as a ground cloth or tank cover, may also be recommended to help increase the durability of your tank.

Applications:collapsible water tanks

  • Residential Rainwater Collection
  • Industrial Facility Storage
  • Frac Fluid Storage
  • Bulk Water Storage
  • Water Storage During Tank Repair
  • Backup Water Supply
  • Waste Water Storage
  • Process Water Storage
  • Production Fluids Containment

Mars Gray Water Pillow Tank Typical Specifications

Specifications Gray Water Tank Specifications
Fabrics PVC, Elvaloy, or Polyurethane
Capacities 25 to 50,000 gallons
Contact Times 1 to 7 years
Standard Fittings (2) 2" Bulkhead Flange
(2) 2" Caps
(2) 2" Male NPT Nipple
Optional Sizes and Fittings Available on Request


repair kits

Ground Liner, Tank Cover, Repair Kit, Tank Fittings

Grey Water Tank Uses and Applications

Large Storage Tanks: Large Gray Water Pillow Tanks are an ideal choice for any location dealing with temporary bulk liquid storage. Often used on frac sites, irrigation areas, mining fields and commercial locations, these tanks offer increased storage potential in a single storage unit. In addition, all tanks are also able to be quickly folded for transportation to and from locations. This reduces shipping costs and makes eases transportation requirements.

Small Gray Water Tanks: For smaller storage requirements, small pillow tanks can can offer low profiles and flexible sizing options. Most small tanks feature a filled height of two feet (2') or less. This allows them to be stored in tight or low profile areas where a more rigid tank would not fit. It also allows them to easily fit through doorways or frames.

Custom Storage Tanks: Flexible tanks are also well-adapted to custom requirements. While many tanks are offered in standard or typical sizes, we are also able to accommodate custom storage requirements including extended dimensions, low profiles and unique storage requirements.

Additional Mars Pillow Tank Options

While gray water pillow tanks are one of the most multi-functional storage options, flexible tanks are also offered in models that are specifically rated for fuel or drinking water storage.

For more information on our complete liquid storage variety, please check out our Mars Flexible Water Tanks.

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