Geotextile Turbidity Curtains

Type 1 Permeable Floating Barriers

Type 1 Geotextile Turbidity Curtains are an all permeable curtain designed for short term applications in calm water. Constructed entirely from 8 oz. filter fabric, these curtains provide effective filtration in areas with limited flows or wave action. As with other permeable curtains, geotextile filter barriers will allow water to continue to flow through the curtain while silt and turbidity remain within the containment area. Curtains are available in standard depths from three to ten feet (3' to 10'), making them perfect for ditches or temporary containment requirements. Compare all Type 1 Calm Water Turbidity Curtains.

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geotextile turbidity curtains

Type 1 Permeable Curtain Technical Specifications

Top Square 4" Round Flotation (skirt depths up to 5')
6" Round Flotation (skirt depths from 5' to 10')
Fabric 8 oz. Geotextile
Bottom Ballast Chain 5/16"
Section Connectors Grommets
Section Length 50'
Skirt Depth 5' Standard, 3'-10' Available

Geotextile Turbidity Curtain Standard Sizing

Material Length Top Flotation Ballast Chain Depth Additional Items
8 oz. 50' 4" 5/16" 2'


Additional Models

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Turbidity Curtain Accessories

anchor kitsGeotextile Turbidity Curtain Accessories maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your calm water permeable floating barriers. Please choose from the options to below to find the best addition to your barrier.

  • Tow Bridles
  • Anchor Kits
  • Floating Marker Light
  • Anchor Kits
  • Reefing Lines

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