Floating Marker Light

Boom Marker Lights

floating marker lightFloating marker lights are one of many floating boom accessories designed to enhance and ease the process of your boom installation and deployment. Each marker light features a D-cell battery that operates as a light sensor to turn the light on and off with the sun. Installed periodically along the floating boom, these lights create a clear marker that helps boats to stay clear of the barrier so your materials can stay effectively contained. Perfect for use with: Debris Boom, Oil Containment Boom, and Silt Boom.

Each boom marker light features a flotation, light and PVC exterior that allows the marker to float in the water next to the boom. Perfect for use with oil boom, debris boom or turbidity curtain, these lights can be a helpful indication to any water vessel or vehicle.

Marker Light Specifications

Size Visibility Battery Life Flash Rate
26" Above Water
50" Total
3.7 Miles 30 Days 2.5 Seconds

Additional Accessories

anchor kitThese marker lights are often used in combination with several of our floating boom accessories including anchor kits, buoys, and more. For more information, check out all of our Floating Boom Accessories.


box of floating marker lightsWhen used along a boom, floating marker lights are often installed at anchor points to help designate areas along the boom. Floating marker lights are built with a float located towards the bottom of the light to help keep the light above the water surface.

For additional information regarding the installation of debris, oil or silt boom, please check out any of the following installation guides:

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