Orion Floating Barriers by GEI Works Inc. Offshore Floating Debris Boom Orion Debris Barriers manufactured in the USA by GEI Works

Offshore & Coastline Debris boom

Orion Fast Water Floating Debris Boom is a high strength barrier designed for use in offshore or coastline areas. Equipped with moving water components, such as tension cables, these barriers are able to hold up against waves, tides and moving water currents. Similar to other debris barrier models, coastline boom can be successfully used for the containment of plastics, debris, rubbish and other floating pollution.

Standard Floating Debris Boom Features

  • 22 oz. Impermeable Material
  • Skirt Drafts: 20" or 24"floating debris boom
  • Section Lengths: 50' and 100'
  • Marine Grade Freeboard
  • Bottom Ballast Chain
  • Top Tension Cable

Offshore Debris Boom:
Coastline & Offshore Debris boom are equipped for some of the most demanding floating containment requirements. Designed with a heavier bottom ballast and top tension cable, these boom are equipped for trash containment off of coasts and in other high flow areas.

Offshore Debris Boom Applications

  • Trash Containment
  • Litter Control
  • Floating Debris Control
  • Seaweed Control
  • Demarcation boom


Typical Orion Fast Water Boom Specifications:

Coastline Conditions Offshore Conditions
Freeboard 11" Freeboard 13"
Draft 20" Draft 24"
Bottom Ballast 1/4" Bottom Ballast 5/16"
Tension Cable 1/4" Tension Cable 5/16"
Material 22 oz. PVC Material 22 oz. PVC
Lengths 25', 50' or 100' Lengths 25', 50' or 100'
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Floating boom for All Locations

In order to meet the needs of your location, floating boom are available in a wide range of styles and models. Whether you need to contain oil, debris, trash, rubbish, small branches or more, we have a boom to meet your needs! Available boom models include the following:

  • Oil Containment boom
  • River boom
  • Lake Control boom
  • Silt & Turbidity boom
  • Marina boom
  • Port boom

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