Floating Covers

Floating Pond Covers, Tank Covers and Lagoon Covers

floating coversModular Floating Covers for Ponds, Lagoons, Frac Pits and Waste Water Treatment Plants are robust, economical covers built to trap odors, chemicals, gases and evaporation from leaving the pond. Manufactured in sizing, fabrics, and designs that meet the specific requirements of your water area, these covers have helped protect and contain liquids in a range of locations. When compared to standard pond covers, floating pond covers help address the issue of adjusting water levels by rising and falling without any additional maintenance or installation.

Standard Floating Cover Features:

  • 24 mil to 45 mil Fabrics
  • Standard Fabrics: Elvaloy, Polyurethane, PVC
  • Optional Fabrics: Polyethylene or Polypropylene
  • Standard or Floating Designs
  • Custom Sizing
  • Impermeable Materials
  • Equipped for Outdoor Locations

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Floating Tank and Pond Cover

The floating tank and pond cover is a highly flexible product that includes built-in floats to maximize the effectiveness of the system. Commonly manufactured from XR-5, PVC, Polyurethane, or equivalent materials, these covers include options for drinking/fresh water ponds, chemical storage ponds, frac pits, waste water storage ponds, treatment ponds, lagoons and even landfills.

Each fabric features an impermeable design that allows your floating pond, tank or lagoon cover to serve the dual purpose of both containing and protecting your pond. On the bottom of the cover, fabrics keep gases, emissions and chemicals contained within the pond, while the top layer catches debris, dirt, and other falling particles.

floating pond covers

Float Cover Applications:

  • Floating Pond Covers
  • Floating Tank Covers
  • Basin Containment
  • Lagoon Covers
  • Waste Water Treatment Ponds (WWTP's)
  • Fresh Water Ponds
  • Chemical Containment Areas
  • Frac Pit Containment

Typical Cover Specifications

Typical Fabric Impermeable PVC
Colors Multiple Colors to Match your Requirements
Options Standard, Floating & Modular Covers

Impermeable Cover Designs

The Floating Cover is a custom-built product often sized and manufactured to the exact specifications of your location. Due to our wide range of available fabrics and designs, these covers have been implemented in multiple locations to contain and control any of the following:

  • Harmful Gases
  • Evaporation
  • Emissions
  • Odors
  • Chemicals
  • Temperatures

Having these items safely contained has helped to meet site regulations and prevent harmful materials from entering the environment.

When asking for one of our covers, please do not hesitate to include your drawing or specifications with your request. This will allow our team to review your requirements and quote you on the best option for your location. Drawings can be sent directly to our email: info@geiworks.com.

Additional Products

For additional tarps and covers, such as truck tarps, secondary containment covers, pond covers, or baseball field tarps, please check out our Floating Covers & Tarps Complete Variety.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.