Orion Calm Water Floating Boom

Debris Boom for Calm Water and Marinas

The Calm Water Floating Debris Boom is designed to effectively control trash, litter, debris and even aquatic plants in calm or low flow areas. Often deployed as a barrier or containment device, these boom work to keep contaminants to their designated areas. Use of these boom helps to control invasive vegetation, limit the spread of debris, and prevent seaweed from floating into coastal homes or resorts. For extended use in water areas, all boom will feature PVC fabric and marine grade components such as connectors and bottom ballast chains.

Debris Boom Features

  • Section Length: 25', 50' or 100' orion floating boom
  • 22 oz. PVC
  • Skirt Draft: 6" or 12"
  • Bottom Ballast Chain
  • Top Flotation Device
  • Standard Color: Yellow
  • Optional Colors such as Black and Green also Available

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Calm Water & Marina Boom

Calm water boom are designed specifically for locations with limited water flow and no wave activity. These areas have included marinas, lakes, and ponds. If you are looking to contain debris in areas with moving waters, please feel free to check out our complete Floating Boom Variety.

Calm Water Boom Applications

  • Debris Containment
  • Litter or Trash Containmentcalm water boom
  • Log Control
  • Aquatic Plant Boom
  • Weed Control Boom
  • Demarcation Barriers
  • Coastline Trash Containment

Typical Orion Calm Water Boom Specifications

Calm Water Marinas
Freeboard 4" Freeboard 6"
Draft 6" Draft 12"
Bottom Ballast 1/4" Bottom Ballast 1/4"
Material 22 oz. PVC Material 22 oz. PVC
Lengths 25', 50' or 100' Lengths 25', 50' or 100'
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Standard Components: Top Flotation, Bottom Ballast Chain, Impermeable PVC

Standard Color: Yellow
Optional Colors: Black, Blue or Dark Green

Floating Barriers & Boom

Floating barriers and boom for debris, silt and oil containment are made in numerous designs to accommodate different locations, conditions, and types of debris.

Additional Models

  • Port Boom
  • Lake Boom
  • River Boom
  • Offshore Boom
  • Silt Boom
  • Containment Boom

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Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.