Floating Turbidity Barriers

Turbidity Curtains &: Oil Booms

floating barriersSolhutec, a division of GEI Works's Floating Barriers are designed to offer control and containment of almost any material ranging from small debris to oil. Made in models for calm water, moving water or demanding offshore areas, these boom help to control materials and keep your site in compliance.

Trash & Debris Boom

floating debris boomTrash & Debris booms are designed for areas specifically looking to contain debris. This can include aquatic plants, floating particles, plastic wraps, branches, containers, bottles, seaweed or even jelly fish. Great for marinas, harbors, intakes and residential areas, these boom provide containment to keep your area free from debris.

Oil Containment Boom

floating containment boomOil Containment booms are robust floating barriers used to contain oil immediately after a spill. Commonly implemented in fast response situations, these boom hold oil while cleanup efforts are underway. Models are available for marinas, rivers and offshore areas.

Floating Turbidity Barriers

turbidity barriersSilt and Turbidity Barriers are a contractor favorite for silt control during construction projects, piling extractions, bridge repair, dredging and more. Barriers are available in a Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3 Model, depending on your water conditions.

Boom Accessories

floating boom accessoriesFloating Boom Accessories ease the process of your boom installation by providing easy ways to tow, anchor and adjust your barrier. Available accessories include floating marker lights, tow bridles, anchor kits and reefing lines.

Floating boom and Barriers

Floating Barriers and boom are designed in a range of models in accommodate debris, turbidity, silt and oil containment. Made in models for calm, moving and fast water locations, available items include security barriers, floating debris boom, aquatic plant boom, silt curtains and oil containment barriers. Regardless of which barrier you choose, all models are manufactured with marine-grade fabrics and components that allow for long-term containment applications in water locations.

Debris & Trash boom: Control for Trash, Timbers, Logs & Debris

debris boomThe Floating Trash Boom is manufactured for containment and control of floating debris, plants and particles. Perfect for both calm and moving water areas, these boom feature a top flotation, impermeable skirt and bottom ballast to successfully control and contain items.

Oil Containment Boom: Floating Containment Barriers

oil boomThe Floating Boom for oil containment is a marine-grade barrier used to control oil and spilled materials during various cleanup operations. Equipped to handle contact with oil, these boom can be quickly deployed around spilled materials to contain oil to a single source during cleanup.

Silt and Turbidity Barriers: Reliable Silt Control

turbidity barriersFloating Silt and Turbidity Barriers are used in any location where silt, turbidity or displaced sediment needs to be contained. When compared to the floating boom, turbidity barriers feature extended depths that allow them to control silt throughout the entire depth of your water location.

Floating Boom & Barrier Construction

All floating boom and floating barriers are manufactured using marine grade materials including flotations, bottom ballast chains, section connectors, and impermeable fabrics. These robust, yet flexible components work to contain items during long-term use in water locations. Standard colors for the boom are yellow, however additional colors (including darker options) are also available upon request. In addition, stainless steel components are also available for demanding locations, such as salt water areas or areas with increased pH levels.

Applications Advantages
  • Oil Spill Containment
  • Spill Deflection
  • Turbidity or Silt Control
  • Construction Site Containment
  • Debris & Trash Control
  • Demarcation & Security
  • Cranberry Harvesting Boom
  • Aquatic Plant Containment
  • Contains and Controls Floating Materials
  • Directs Spills to Different Locations
  • Equipped for Calm or Moving Waters
  • High Resistance Impermeable Fabrics
  • Sections Connections
  • Increases Silt and Sediment Settling Times

Floating Boom and Barrier Design

Similar to our other containment products, the floating barriers can be made in several different styles and components to meet the water conditions of your location. Fabrics and boom contain bottom ballast chains, tension cables, impermeable materials and other devices to help successfully control materials in your location. When used for oil-related containment, components will feature oil-resistance options to successfully contain oil prior to cleanup. For pricing information, please fill out our Floating Barrier Request Form.

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Floating Boom & Barrier Accessories

Floating boom and barrier accessories are designed to provide customers with an easy way to install, tow, and deploy their equipment. Accessories include the following:

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For specifications on all of our floating boom and barriers, please check out the links below:

Trash & Debris Boom Specifications Oil Containment Boom Specifications

Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.