Flexible Water Tanks

Mars Flexible Tanks

flexible water tanksMars Flexible Water Tanks and Flexible Fuel Tanks are manufactured from high quality materials to effectively store a range of liquids including potable water, non-potable water, frac water, rainwater, diesel fuel and Jet A fuels. Built to accommodate the needs and requirements of your project, these tanks offer liquid storage that is flexible, reliable, and low in profile.

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Mars Drinking Water Tanks

flexible water tankMars Drinking Water Flexible Tanks are perfect for a range of drinking water storage applications including emergency response, disaster relief, hospitals, military operations and other industrial or residential storage needs. Manufactured to accommodate a variety of needs, these tanks are available in sizes ranging from 25 to 50,000 gallons.

Mars Gray Water Tanks

flexible tankMars Gray Water Flexible Tanks are designed for almost any water storage application where drinking water storage is not required. This includes rainwater collection, utility water storage, fire suppression water storage, and even frac water storage. All tanks are made with robust fabrics to handle the demands of outdoor storage and non-potable water storage.

Mars Flexible Fuel Tanks

flexible fuel tanksMars Flexible Fuel Tanks are one of the most flexible storage options for stationary storage of diesel, oil or Jet A fuel. Made from thick, fuel-compatible materials, these tanks have helped temporarily store fuel in remote locations, military sites, and for emergency relief after disasters. Tanks are not rated for the storage of gasoline.

Frame Tanks

folding frame tankAs part of our flexible product line, Folding Frame Tanks are offered to help with bulk liquid storage requirements. Each tank features a folding frame that allows the tank to be easily transported by fire truck or other transportation vehicles. Built for quick deployment and easy mobility, these tanks are often implemented as drop tanks during wild fire fighting efforts.

Flexible Tank Accessories

pillow tank repair kitFlexible Tank Accessories are designed to help increase the durability of your tank for the duration of its storage. Accessory options have included flat liners/ground cloth for abrasion protection, repair kits for small leaks, and additional fittings to match hookups in your location.

Mars Flexible Tank Construction

The construction of these flexible fuel and flexible water tanks uses top grade flexible fabrics to create high strength bulk storage tanks for water and fuel. Standard fittings include a two 2" bulkhead flange, two 2" caps and two male NPT nipple. Larger fitting sizes of 3", 4", and 6", as well as additional fittings (such as ball valves or fuel gaskets) may also be added on request. Fitting materials include aluminum, brass, stainless steel, polypropylene, and PVC. For smaller fittings, reducers may also be available.

Mars Potable Flexible Water Tanks

potable water bladder tankOur Mars Potable Flexible Water Tanks are manufactured with durable fabrics that meet NSF 61 and FDA standards for safe drinking water storage. These tanks can be used for anything from temporary water supply on construction sites to water storage for emergency applications.

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Mars Gray Water Flexible Tanks: Reliable Water Storage

flexible water tankMars Gray Water Flexible Tanks are perfect for applications involving non-potable liquid storage, such as construction sites, mining and industrial locations. Compatible with several different water types, these tanks can be used in residential, commercial or industrial applications.

Mars Fuel Storage Flexible Tanks: Diesel Fuel, Jet A Fuel & More

flexible fuel tanksMars Fuel Storage Tanks are a flexible tank built from robust materials equipped to handle diesel, Jet A , and other hydrocarbon liquid storage. Manufactured for short-term containment of these materials, these tanks are the perfect option for fuel storage on construction sites, industrial locations, and other fuel-storage sites.

Hydrostar Onion Water Tanks

onion water tank, hydrostarHydrostar Onion Water Tanks feature the same flexible fabric, but include an open top for easy access and tank filling. This flexible, yet highly accessible tank offers easy water storage for industrial and commercial applications including oil field temporary water storage, fire fighting efforts and decontamination projects.

Folding Frame Tanks: Portable Folding Frame Tanks

folding frame tankFolding frame tanks are favorite for fire fighting water efforts, emergency response and temporary water storage. Tanks are built with robust, flexible fabric designs that help with quick setup and bulk water storage requirements. Folding frame allow for tanks and frames to fold inward for easy storage and transportation in your location.

Closed Tanks

Enclosed pillow tanks are a flexible, yet reliable containment option that is equipped to store drinking water, brine, production fluids, frac water, mineral mining water, industrial water, diesel fuel and more. Tanks feature a pillow-style design that is manufactured to lay flat when empty, and then rise to form a pillow shape as it fills with liquid.

Advantages Applications
  • Multiple Styles & Fabric Options
  • Fitting and Drain Options
  • Folding, Rolling Exteriors
  • UV Resistance Options
  • Lowered Shipping and Transportation Costs
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Life spans
  • Military Liquid Storage Applications
  • Mining Industrial Storage
  • Drinking Water Storage
  • Wash Down/Production Water
  • Bulk Fuel Storage
  • Emergency/Disaster Relief Efforts

Open Top Tanks

Our flexible water tank variety also includes several open top tanks for bulk liquid storage. With a large top opening, these tanks are easy to fill and empty, making them ideal for quick response, fire fighting or emergency jobs.

Tank Fittings

In addition to supplying reliable, flexible water tanks, we also offer several tank fittings that can be added onto the tank to help adapt or fit your specific site requirements. While standard fittings options include a 2" flange, 2" caps and 2" male NPT nipple, adapters or larger fittings can also be added upon request. Fitting options include:

Tank Fittings:

  • Adapters
  • 3", 4" or 6" Fittings
  • Drain or Fill Ports

Tank Accessories:

  • Ground Cloth
  • Tank Cover
  • Repair Kit

Learn more on our Flexible Tank Accessories Page.

Custom Flexible Tanks

As a flexible tank manufacturer, we are also able to custom manufacture flexible fuel and flexible water tanks to meet your specific storage requirements. If you are looking for a custom tank, such as flexible tanks for specific liquids, specific tank fittings or custom sizes, please let us know and we will review your requirements and work to design a tank that can meet your needs.

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