Atlas Flexible Pond Liner

Flexible Liners for Fresh Water, Fish, & Collection Ponds

Flexible Liners are a reliable choice for any small fish, garden or fresh water pond. Manufactured with easily adjustable fabrics, these liners can quickly form the shapes, sizes and configurations required for water storage in your location. Pond liners are commonly used as an erosion and stabilization fabric to ensure that your man-made pond remains in place. Flexible liners are available in several fabric materials, including options that are fish and/or fresh water rated.

Standard Flexible Liner Features

  • Flexible Fabrics:
    • PVCflexible pond liner
    • LLDPE
    • Dupont's Elvaloy®
    • XR-5 (or equivalent)
  • Fits the Exact Size of your Pond
  • Adapts Around Pipes and Fittings
  • Custom and Standard Sizing
  • UV Resistant Fabrics
  • NSF 61 and FDA Approved Fabrics for Drinking Water, Fresh Water and Fish Ponds

Small Pond Liners:
The Flexible Pond Liner is the most common choice for small garden ponds, koi ponds, landscaping ponds, golf ponds or fresh water fish ponds. Due to its UV resistant, flexible fabric, these liners can be built to form the shape and size of almost any small pond. Use of a flexible liner has helped customers to form a firm wall structure, making their ponds a reliable storage area for plants, fish and water.

Flexible Liner Applications

  • Fish Ponds
  • Koi Ponds
  • Fresh Water Pondsflexible liners
  • Golf Ponds
  • Small Lakes
  • Landscaping Ponds
  • Garden Ponds
  • Backyard Ponds

Atlas Pond Liner Typical Specifications

Liner Fabrics

Dupont's Elvaloy®
XR-5 (or equivalent)



Dimensions for all flexible pond liners are typically chosen based on the specific dimensions/requirements for your location. Due to the flexible nature of these fabrics, most liners are designed to fit the exact shape and size of your pond.


Sizing for your liner is chosen based on the sizing of your pond. The most common formula used to find the right size for your liner is the following:

Length (ft.) = Longest Pond Length + (2 x Depth) + 2

Width (ft.) = Longest Pond Width + (2 x Depth) + 2


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Pond Liner Variety

Pond liners have been adapted to meet the storage needs of different locations, liquids, and pond sizes. Each liner fabric offers a high UV resistance and robust strength to handle its intended storage application. While hard/firm liners can also be provided, the flexible option is more commonly used to fit curves, ponds, and sloping areas. In this sense, flexible liners are designed to be more forgiving and can offer a higher level of containment during their use.

Built from a wide range of materials, these liners can be adapted to store fresh water, chemicals, hazardous materials, drinking water and many other liquids. Choosing a liner fabric is dependent on your specific site conditions, including temperatures, weather conditions, pond size, and liquid requirements. As a manufacturer of several different liners, we often work to design liners that can specifically meet the requirements of your location. Please do not hesitate to provide us with information regarding your job so we can work to design the best option for your location.