Flatbed Tarps

Flatbed Systems from Cramaro Tarps

flatbed tarpsFlat Bed Tarps from Cramaro Tarps is a fast, easy and reliable way to cover equipment, loads, and other materials being transported by flatbed trailer. Systems include a retracting frame and tarp that slides back and forth along the length of the flat bed. At the end of the flatbed, systems feature a rolling tarp that extends down to cover the rear end of flatbed. This creates an entirely protected framework that can keep your loads free from dirt, water and other materials.

Standard Flatbed Tarp Features

  • Aluminum Headboard
  • Steel Frame Work
  • Locking Mechanism (Folding Handles)
  • Multiple Tarp Options
  • Aluminum Front and Back Trolleys
  • Roll Up Back End Flap (Long Crank Handle or Rope and Pully System)

flatbed truck tarpsFlat Bed Tarp Systems: The flat bed tarp system operates as a manual push mechanism that extends back and forth across the entire length of the flatbed. The main part of this system is moved manually by pushing the frame to the edge and center of the trailer. After the entire length of your flatbed is fully covered, the back flap is extended down to complete the containment area. Back flaps should be operated separately and are typically rolled up and down through the use of a manual hand crack or pully system.

Standard design of this system is built to accommodate flatbeds 53 ft. in length.

Flatbed Tarp System Advantages

  • Extends Along and Around Materials
  • UV Resistant Tarps and Covers
  • Easy to Operate and Manuever
  • Requires Only One Person for Operation
  • High Strength Frames Built for Long-Term Use
  • Lightweight Aluminum for Fast Covering and Uncovering of Items

Flatbed Tarp Specifications:

Typical Fabric
Vinyl, Mesh, or PVC Fabrics
Multiple Color Options

Roll Slide System Specifications:


Lightweight Aluminum Headboard with Steel Framework

Locking Devices

Locking Mechanism for Rear Tensioning


Front and Back Trolleys

Back Flap

Roll Up Style with Long Hand Crank

Optional Rope and Pulley System

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