Dump Trailer Tarp

CTS™ (Cramaro Trash Systems) from Cramaro Tarps

The Dump Trailer Tarp from Cramaro Tarps is an economical and effective way to securely cover trash and solid waste during transportation or trash transfers. Built in models that can accommodate open top trailers, roll off containers, dump trucks, crushed cars, mulch trailers, or flatbeds, these systems work to keep items effectively contained while they are on the road.

Standard Features:

  • Multiple Tarp Fabrics Available to Meet Site Requirements
  • Available Models Include: trash tarp systems
    • CTS™ System: Manual Operation, Dual Action Spring, Side Ratchets & Bows
    • Crushed Car System: Locking Swing Gates, Heavy Duty Framework
    • Lift N Go™ System: Designed for Roll Off Containers (15 to 50 yds), 3 Power Options
    • Lift N Load™ System: Fits Trailers up to 53' Long, Electric Over Hydraulic or All Hydraulic Motor

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Solid Waste Tarp Sytems

During the transportation of trash or solid waste, keeping materials completely contained is often a requirement for storage and movement of these items. Solid Waste Tarp Systems assist in this process by completely covering all sides of your container with secured tarps. This helps to contain materials and prevent items from flying out of the sides during use.

Dump Trailer Tarp System Advantages:dump trailer tarp

  • Protects and Contains Materials
  • Multiple Systems for Multiple Waste Containers
  • Mesh or Waterproof Tarps
  • Manual or Automatic Systems
  • Easy to Cover and Uncover Items
  • All Systems Provide Ample Space for Loading and Unloading Materials


Typical Fabric Vinyl, Mesh, or PVC Fabrics
Colors Multiple Color Options
Models Multiple Stitching, Grommets and Fabric Options to Meet Site Requirements

Dump Trailer Tarp System Specifications

CTS™ System:

Designed for Use with: Trash Transfers, Open Top Trailers, Mulch Trailers
Springs: Dual Action Spring (Rear Bow Mechanism)
Ratchets: Located Along Sides to Lock Tarp
System: Manual, Ground Control Crank Handle

Crushed Car System:

Designed for Use with: Curshed Cars
Helps Meet DOT Standards
Sides: Bi-Folding Doors and Swing Gates
Lock in Place Mechanisms
Heavy Duty Framework

Lift N Go™ System:

Designed for Use with: Roll Off Trucks (15 -50 yds)

Power Towers (all towers include telescoping steel outer base tube)

  1. Hydraulic Power Tower: Electric Over Hydraulic Gantry System (heavy duty), gantry extends from 67" to 112"
  2. Actu Tower: Actuator Operated Gantry System (light weight)
  3. Economy Tower: Fixed Gantry System (4 Positions: 60", 72", 84" or 96")
Lift N Load™ System:

Motors: Self-Contained Electric over Hydraulic or All Hydraulic
Frame: Light Weight Steel for 100% Coverage
Fits Trailers up to 53' in Length

Tarp Systems

Specializing in flexible materials for the containment of solid waste, trash, loads, and other transport items, we additionally offer tarps and tarp systems for athletic fields, gymnasiums, schools or other containment areas. Due to the wide range of containers and dump vehicles, tarp systems have included cable systems, flip systems, roll systems and flatbed systems. For these and other options, please check out all Truck & Dump Trailer Tarp Systems.

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