Custom Products

Custom-Built Products from GEI Works

helicopter tanksGEI Works' Custom Products feature a range of tanks and curtains that have been custom designed to meet the needs and requirements of the customer. Whether you need a small bladder for a unique storage space or a tanks to use as a ballast, we can help design and manufacture a product that will best match your specifications.

Helicopter Tanks

helicopter tanksHelicopter Tanks were developed for a customer looking to simulate the weight of engines and other equipment used in helicopters. During testing, these tanks were placed inside of old, salvaged helicopters to increase the weight to that of a fully functional helicopter.

Water Ballast Bags

ballast bagsWater Ballast Bags can be created for almost location where added stability or added weight distribution is required. Bags featured here were used to redistribute the weight during speed boat racing to create a more aerodynamic vessel.

Custom Projects

As a manufacturer of flexible products, GEI Works often works directly with customers to manufacture products and solutions that can precisely meet their requirements. When working on unique jobs, many sites require custom sizes, designs or shapes to fit the needs of the location. If you have a project, containment or storage requirement and are not sure which product would be best, please feel free to give us a call at 772-646-0597 or 888-703-9889. We are always happy to work with customers to design the product that will be meet their needs.

The Little Helios

Little vulcanThe Little Helios Barrel Burner is used for the disposal of police confiscated evidence. If these confiscated drug and evidence are becoming an issue of clutter or inconvenience, the Little Helios provides the means to eliminate that problem. There is no more need to rely on out of town facilities. This burner comes with features that make the unit mobile, safe, economically beneficial, and efficient.

Helicopter Tanks

helicopter tanksOne of the many custom products GEI Works has manufactured is an item known as the Helo Tank. This tank was designed to strap into salvaged helicopters to simulate the weight of missing engines and machinery. Once the tanks were secured inside the helicopter, the unit would feature a weight similar to that of a fully equipped unit. This allowed the salvaged units to be used for weight testing.

Ballast Bags

ballast bagsBallast Bags can be used in a range of locations to balance out equipment, stabilize units, or redistribute weight. Bags shown here were inserted into the front end of the boat to even out the weight and create a faster unit. Bags can be filled with water, sand and even air.

Floating Barriers

floating boomWhile many of our floating barriers are standard for silt, turbidity, oil or debris, we are able to manufacture custom barriers as well. This will include any of the following:

  • Silt, Oil, or Debris Boom with Specific Components
  • Demarcation Barriers
  • Fish Exclusion Barriers
  • Reservoir Protection Barriers
  • Beach Protection Boom

Air Lift Tanks

Air Lift Tanks have served many different purposes including the lifting of cars, machinery, and even submerged wreckage. These tanks are often custom designed for your location to lift and recover items. Tanks will feature our standard flexible fabric material, but will be filled with air rather than liquid. This creates a high level of buoyancy that is equipped to bring salvage items to the surface or lift large machinery.

Additional Custom Tanks

In addition to the custom products featured here, we are also able to manufacture zipper tanks, ballast bags, shade sails, strip door curtains, floating covers, dock seals and more to meet the needs of your location.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.