Spill Containment Berm

OX Spill Berms

OX-Spill Berms provide effective spill control under and around hazardous, chemical, flammable or other potentially harmful materials. Manufactured with a range of fabrics and wall types, these berms feature a robust bottom liner and durable side walls to provide needed control of leaks and spills.

OX-Spill Berm: Aluminum Angle Containment Berms

Aluminum Angle BermOX-Spill Berms Aluminum Angle are a great option for any tank, drum, vehicle or storage device. Featuring a standard wall height of one foot (1'), these berms have aluminum L bracket angles that are inserted into pockets located along the walls of the berm. Brackets are removed as needed to allow vehicles and other equipment to enter the containment area.

OX-Spill Berms Foam Wall: Low Profile Spill Containment

spill containment berms

The OX-Spill Berm Foam Wall features drive over foam walls that are 4, 6, or 8 inches in height for easy access into the containment area. Unlike other models, foam wall berms provide an easily accessible area that can be rolled, folded and transported to various locations around your facility.

OX-Spill Berms: Drive Through Spill Containment

spill containment bermOX-Spill Berms Drive Through are an easy way to move vehicles, frac tanks, dollies, machinery and other transport items on and off the berm. Standard features include an self-rising foam end wall on the entrance and exit side of the berm, allowing for vehicles to enter and leave the berm area.

The Little OX Spill Berm: Functions as a Berm, Tray or Mini Basin

spill bermsThe Little OX-Spill Berm is a mini berm designed for quick placement under drums, batteries, generators, tools and more. Often used for temporary or emergency containment, these berms are one of the fastest ways to create a containment area on your site.

OX-Floating Containment Mat

floating containment matOX-Floating Containment Mats are the perfect solution for debris containment in water based marine construction locations. Mats are commonly used to catch debris under bridges, barges, dams and docks. All mats are designed with a 6" wall height, allowing them to catch falling debris, paint or other contaminants.

Spill Containment Berm Construction

OX Spill Containment Berms are manufactured with quality, flexibility and durability in mind. As a reliable alternative to rigid spill containers, these berms offer extended lengths and increased flexibility throughout the duration of their storage. This has allowed larger equipment such as vehicles or fuel tankers to easily move into a containment area for the duration of their stay. Whether you need quick containment under tanks, large containment under vehicles or mobile spill containment, these berms are the perfect way to address your storage needs.

Spill Containment Applications

Due to the flexible nature of these spill containment products, each berm is designed to be easy to transport, move and set up on your location. While many berms are used for drive through requirements, such as around frac tanks, tankers or vehicles during a car wash, spill berms can also be implemented under completely stationary objects such as tanks, totes, drums, chemical containers and other hazardous storage devices.


  • Portable Containment
  • Flexible Construction and Storage
  • High Resistance Fabrics
  • Several Fittings Options
  • Quick Setup and Deployment on Location
  • Easy, Low Cost Shipping
  • Equipped for Fuels, Chemicals, Water and More
  • Frac Tank & Water Containment
  • Fuel & Hazmat Chemical Containment
  • Drum or Tank Storage
  • Vehicle and Tanker Storage
  • Bulk Industrial Liquid Storage
  • Car Wash Water Containment
  • Decontamination of Personnel or Equipment

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Spill Containment Berm Accessories & Kits

To help complete your containment system, we also offer several containment berm accessories to help protect, drain and contain your materials. Options can include anything from installed drain fittings to ground liners. Please view the list below to see our complete variety of containment berm accessories:

  • Ground Cloth (for added abrasion protection)
  • Geotextile Pads (for heat & abrasion protection)
  • Drain Fittings (for help with draining and cleaning)
  • Tread Guards (for protection during vehicle containment)
  • Transportation Bags (for easy portability)
  • Repair/Patch Kits

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