Construction Dewatering Bags

Taurus Dewatering Bags for Dumpsters and Construction Sites

Construction Dewatering Bags are unique filtration bags designed to remove sediment from construction site runoff, pipes, or water flows. With the use of absorbents, construction dewatering bags can also be used to filter oil. Built for placement on the ground, in dumpsters, or in various other storage sites, our bags help maintain a clear water flow from your site. All bags are manufactured from high quality filtration materials to help effectively remove contaminants from the water.

Standard Dewatering Bag Features

  • construction dewatering bagGeotextile Filter Fabric
  • Fits Dump Trucks, Trailers, and Other Site Vehicles
  • Filters Out Silt, Sediment, and Hydrocarbons
  • Custom and Standard Sizing Available
  • Standard Inlet Accommodates up to 4" Diameter
    • Larger Inlets Available Upon Request

Questions about construction dewatering? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.

Dewatering Bags: Similar to standard dewatering bags, the construction site model is built to effectively contain and filter out materials before they leave your site. One of the easiest ways to handle filtered materials is through placement in a dumpster, drop box or roll off container. This placement creates a ready-to-go container that can be easily transported to a disposal site.


  • construction site dewatering bagConstruction Site Dewatering
  • Dumpster Dewatering
  • Silt Filtration
  • Storm Water Runoff Dewatering
  • Small Sludge Dewatering
  • Stormwater Filtration

Dewatering Bag Specifications

Specifications Construction Dewatering Bag Specifications
Standard Fabric Geotextile Filter Fabric
Standard Sizing 6' x 6'
15' x 10'
15' x 15'
15' x 20'
15' x 25'
Hoses Accommodates Hoses up to 4"

Optional Accessories: Absorbents

The use of absorbents during dewatering can help remove oil and hydrocarbons from the water prior to sediment removal.

Dewatering a dredging site or construction location that only requires sediment removal? Check out our Standard Dewatering Bags. Made from an 8 oz or 10 oz nonwoven filter fabric, these geotextile bags are the perfect solution to any dewatering project.

Standard Dewatering Bags

The dumpster dewatering bag is part of our stormwater filtration and dewatering line. In addition to these dump truck dewatering products, we also offer several additional stormwater filtration and dewatering products including standard pond or lake dewatering bags, small sludge bags, and drop insert filters. Working to provide a high level of filtration for water, all products are designed out of either a woven or non woven fabric for high silt, sand or sediment removal.

Bags and inserts are designed with standard and custom sizes to meet site-specific requirements. If you have a specific drain, inlet, dump box or other area you need the filters to be able to fit, please send them over so our team can review them.

Questions about construction site dewatering? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.