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Cistern Tank Liners

cistern liner

The Cistern Tank Liner is one of the most cost-effective ways to control leaks, prevent corrosion, and extend the lifespan of your rainwater collection tank. Made from flexible fabric materials, these liners are sized and manufactured to meet the exact specifications of your old, new or existing cistern tank. This allows the liners to mold and adjust to match the exact configuration of your unit. These liners have been used on old leaking tanks to provide a new impermeable layer, as well as on new tanks to provide corrosion, rust or leak protection for the duration of their use.

Standard Features

  • Flexible Liner Fabrics
    • PVC
    • Elvaloy
    • XR-5
  • NSF 61 and FDA Approved Options
  • Custom-Built to Match the Size of Your Tank
  • Installation Options
  • Battening and Gaskets
  • Existing Fittings

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Tank Liners: In order to best meet the needs of your location, all cistern liners are custom-built based on the sizing and location of your cistern. Before we price out your liner, there are a couple of facts we require to best size and adjust your liner.

Required Information: fabric and design of your existing tank (steel, concrete, etc.), location of your tank (above ground, underground), liquids being stored (is an drinking water compatible fabric required?), access points, dimensions of your tank, fittings or pipes the liner would need to fit around. Once these factors have been determined, liners can be priced out and sent to your location to provide an added layer of protection in your tank.

cistern tank liners


  • Old Cistern Tanks
  • Leaking Cisterns
  • New Cisterns

In addition to use in cisterns, Tank Liners are also available for standard water or liquid storage tanks. Depending on your stored material, these liners help to extend the life and storage abilities of your tanks.

Liners Typical Specifications

Liner Fabrics
Flexible Materials Including:
Drinking Water Fabrics (including Elvaloy & XR-5)
Built to fit the dimensions of your tank. For effective quoting, please provide information regarding the size, shape and capacity of your tank, as well as any fittings or pipes the liner would need to work around.

Cistern Tank

Due to constant rainwater collection requirements around the world, cistern tanks are a common choice to keep supplies of water on hand for use during droughts or water shortages. Because every location is different, these rainwater collection tanks have included underground collection tanks, above ground tanks, downspout tanks, and collection tanks in basements. This level of versatility requires a liner that is as versatile and adaptable for different tank types. For this reason, liners are made from a flexible material that can be cut, sized and manufactured to exact specifications of your unit.

Additional Cistern Liner Components

In addition to the cistern liner, some additional components customers typically require during use include tools and parts to help them install the liner to their tank. These parts have included battening along the top of the cistern, gaskets, pipe boots and other components required for liner attachment. For added protection, geotextile layers may also be added between the tank and liner to provide additional support. For more information, please check out all of our Liner Accessories.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.