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The berm geotextile liner, also known as the geo pad, is a high strength liner designed to protect berms from heat and abrasion. Geo pads are often multi-purpose and can be placed both underneath and on top of the berm to protect the berm from abrasion. The geotextile most commonly used for these applications is the 8 oz. non-woven fabric.


Part Number Material Typical Sizes Additional Options
SCG080850U 8 oz. Nonwoven Fabric 8' x 50'

Additional fabrics and sizes available.

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OX-Spill Berm Models

Additional Accessories

SCG081214U 8 oz. Nonwoven Fabric 12' x 14'
SCG081226U 8 oz. Nonwoven Fabric 12' x 26'
SCG081230U 8 oz. Nonwoven Fabric 12' x 30'
SCG081250U 8 oz. Nonwoven Fabric 12' x 50'
SCG081260U 8 oz. Nonwoven Fabric 12' x 60'
SCGK1515U 8 oz. Nonwoven Fabric 15' x 15'

All of our OX-Spill Berm Accessories are designed to help protect and extend the life of your containment berm. Great for abrasion protection, heat protection, and UV resistance, these accessories can help make the most of your containment berm. Additional accessories include tread guards for wheel or vehicle protection, PVC liners for abrasion protection and drain fittings for fast drain after rain or spills. For more information on all these options, check out the Berm Accessories.

Typical Installation

The geotextile liner is a multi-purpose padding that helps to protect berms and othercontainment devices against abrasion, heat and other environmental factors. Liners can be placed underneath or on top of berms as needed for your application. For a complete installation process with one of our aluminum angle berms, please check out the manuals below:

Angle Berm Installation

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