Baseball Field Tarps and Covers

Athletic Field Tarps for Base Plates, Mounds and More

baseball field tarpsBaseball and Athletic Field Covers are lightweight, impermeable tarps used to protect baseball fields, soccer fields, softball fields, football fields, base plates and other athletic fields that can become severely affected by rain. Available in sizes that can cover full fields, half fields, individual plates, mounds or practice areas, these covers provide an easy and economical way to protect your fields.

Standard Features

  • Fabrics: Light Weight, UV Resistant PVC Materials
  • Sizing Options:
    • Whole Fields
    • Half Fields
    • Arenas
    • Individual Plates
    • Pitching Mounds
    • Practice Areas
  • Waterproof
  • Impermeable Fabrics
  • Standard or Custom Sizes

Athletic Field Covers

tarp coversAthletic Field Tarps have been used on sport's fields around the world to protect the integrity and quality of your field. Often used as a barrier against high rainfall events, these tarps keep fields in tip-top condition for games and sporting events. Field covers can be made in almost any size to cover home plates, pitching mounds, individual plates or even the entire field. If you are looking for a baseball field tarp with a specific size, fabric or coverage area, please feel free to give us a call at 1-772-646-0597 or send us an email ( to discuss your tarp cover requirements.


  • Athletic Fields
  • Baseball Fields
  • Soft Ball Fields
  • Base Plates
  • Complete Field Tarps
  • Area Field Covers
  • Tennis Courts
  • Hockey Arenas
  • Gymnasiums
  • Football Fields
  • Mounds

Standard Specifications

Typical Fabric: Impermeable PVC
Typical Styles: Full field, half field, base plates and mound covers
Multiple Color and Fabric Options

Athletic and Baseball Field Tarp Materials

Due to the wide coverage area often required for these fields, baseball field tarps and covers are most commonly made from materials that offer a high level of resistance to UV exposure, mold, mildew, rot and water. While tarps can feature a range of weights and thicknesses, field covers most commonly include our lighter weight options due to the size and area the tarp will need to cover. Especially when used as full or half field covers, having a lighter weight fabric can ease the process of covering an exposed area.

Custom Field Covers

Covering fields, mounds, and sports arenas plays an important role in helping to protect fields during rain or weather events. Due to our large variety of fabrics and sizes, these tarps and covers have been used to line fences, baseball fields, cover mounds, protect plates, and prevent large fields from rain prior to events.

If you are looking for a custom size or athletic field protection application, please let us know. Specializing in flexible products, we are always willing to work with customers to find a product that will best meet your requirements.

Additional Covers

In addition to covering baseball and softball fields, we also offer tarps for other sports arenas including tennis court covers, track and field covers, and even covers for bench areas during soccer, football or other sport events.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.