Helios Barrel Burner

Police Disposal of Confiscated Materials

Helios Drug Disposal BarrelThe Helios Barrel Burner is a stainless steel incinerator that allows police and government officials to locally discard of their confiscated drugs. Rather then spending time and money sending these drugs to disposal facilities, the Helios barrel incinerator provides convenient on-site drug disposal. With a closed in loading hopper, and disposal boxes that consolidate contents for burning, this system is a valuable asset when dealing with any drug disposal obligations.

Barrel Burner Benefits

  • Controlled Burning
  • No Face to Face with an Open Flame
  • Portable
  • Local Burning for Police Disposal Products
  • Easy Illegal and Prescription Drug Disposal
  • Can be Shared by Multiple Stations
  • Alternative to an Open Burn Pit
  • Complete Control Over Air Flow
  • 15 Minute Loading Intervals for Burning
  • Can Burn Up to Three Evidence Boxes at a Time
  • Easy to Remove Ash After Use
  • Compact Size
  • For Sale With or Without the Drum

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Ability to Move to Other Location: Being a mobile drug disposal unit, this model is no longer restricted to one area. Bringing it to another building, moving in and out of storage, or transfering to a job site is now a hassle-free option.

How It Works

Starting the Barrel Burnerhopper

To start a fire in the barrel burner, starting materials, such as, wood, charcoal and wads of paper, must be set into the drum. Once the materials are lit and a good flame is burning, the lid can be clamped down. Additional air and items can now be added into the burner.

The Hopper

The Helios comes with the hopper that allows the user to load contents into the burner without having to face an open flame. Once the contents are placed in the hopper, the lid can be closed and the bottom of the hopper can be opened. The contents will now drop down into the drum on their own. This creates a safe and easy process for the disposal of drugs.

Disposal Boxes

Evidence disposal boxes are specially designed to make the burning process faster and create a tidy working environment. They provide an easy means for accurate measurement and keep the contents confined. Standard burn rates are designed to accommodate up to three boxes for the intial burn and then one box every 15 minutes after that.

Controlling the Temperature

The temperature of the Helios remains completely in the user's control. To maintain the proper temperature the operator can use the air control to adjust the amount of air being added. The stirring rod may be used to move around material that may be snuffing out a flame. A thermometer is located on every unit allowing ther user to check temperature of the barrel at all times.

Ending of the Burn

Confirming the burn is complete is simple with a couple of observations. First, make sure that the temperature gauge reads 200F or lower. Second, use the stirring rod to sweep around the barrel to ensure that no additional material is present. You will also notice that the inside of the drum will be black.

Once the drum is completely cooled, the ashes can be removed and hosed down with water, ensuring they will not ignite again.

Items Includedparts of the little helios

  • Stirring Rod
  • Multipurpose Lighter
  • Charcoal Starter
  • Heat Protection Gloves
  • Cord Strap
  • Portable GFCI Plug
  • Lid and Clamp
  • Assembled Unit:
    • Stainless Steel Drum*
    • Cart
    • Blower
    • Lid
    • Controls
    • Hopper
    • Air Hose
  • Evidence Disposal Boxes (additional boxes can be ordered)
  • Filters (replacement filters available)

*The drum is an option that can be added. The Barrel Burner is also available for sale without the drum.

Required Items (not included)

  • Appropriate Protection Equipment
  • GFI Equipped Extension Cord
  • Wood, Charcoal (For starting fuel)
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Trash Receptacle for Ash
  • Water to Cool Ashes

Barrel Burner Specifications

Construction Optional 55 Gallon Drum
Drum Lid
Powder Tubular Steel Frame
Necessary Drum Dimensions 38" (1.0m) D x 26.5" (0.7m) W x 45" (1.1m) H
Fuel Requirements Wood or Charcoal
Voltage 120 Standard (220 optional)
Temperature 400F Operating, 1500F Max
Additional Accessories Cart
Air Hose
Product Flyer Little Helios Barrel Burner PDF Flyer

For Law Enforcement and Government Officials Only!

This burner for the disposal of drugs is only for government and law enforcement officials. It can not be sold to the general public. Each local region may have different requirements and/or exemptions. Checking your local regulations for these compliance is recommended.

For more information on federal regulations, the e-CFR Data page can be referenced.

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