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Filtration and Containment Products for Land and Sea

oil containment boomGEI Works offers a range of floating boom and barriers to help contain and control oil, pollutants, and trash.

Oil Containment Boom is used in a range of water areas to control and contain spills during a cleanup operations. Models are available for calm water, moving water, and coastlines.

Trash Boom are used in residential areas, intakes, rivers, and lakes where floating debris, timbers, aquatic plants and fish need to be contained. View the Permanent Boom PDF for more information on the specifications.

turbidity curtainsFloating Boom and Barriers include containment for silt, oil, debris, timbers and other floating particles. Perfect for all water locations where items are floating and in need of containment and control.

From construction sites to dredging locations, Turbidity Curtains have been used to economically and effectively control the spread of silt and turbidity. Working to meet the needs of different locations, these barriers are available in several models to match the specific requirements of your location.

  • Type 1: Economy and DOT Models
  • Type 2: DOT, Heavy Duty or Permeable Models
  • Type 3: DOT, Heavy Duty or Permeable Models

Turbidity Curtains are floating containment barriers used to control silt and turbidity in calm water, moving water and rough water applications.

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OX Spill Berms

spill containment berms The OX Spill Berms are built strong for secondary containment under tanks, vehicles and various moving equipment around your location. Made from a range of fabric liners and walls, these spill berms are one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your location in compliance. Standard models include:

  • Foam Wall Berms
  • Aluminum Angle Berms
  • Drive Through Berms
  • Little OX Spill Berm

GEI Works's Spill Containment Berms (known as the OX-Spill Berms) are designed to store spills and leaks from tanks, drums, vehicles, and other hazardous materials.

Primary and Secondary Containment Liners

containment and pond linersPrimary and Secondary Containment Liners are perfect for containing liquids and reinforcing pond areas.

Primary and Secondary Containment Liners are perfect for containing liquids, lining tanks and reinforcing pond areas. Available in a range of fabrics including LLDPE, XR-5 (or equivalent), Elvaloy, and PVC, our liners have options for drinking water, fresh water ponds, cisterns, hazardous materials, and even lagoons.

Dewatering and Filtration Products

dewatering pipe sockDewatering and Filtration Products include silt and sediment filter bags, drain guards, and drop inlet filters to control and filter storm water runoff. Items are designed to filter water before it enters a drain system.

Dewatering Bags are a common choice for construction sites, dredging areas and other locations dealing with stormwater or site runoff. Standard sizes offer a volume up to 15 cubic meters.

For smaller dewatering jobs, the Dewatering Pipe Sock is an economical filtration option. Designed to attach to the end ofpipes and hoses, each sock features a filter fabric that works to remove sediment and/or oil from a water flow as the water flows from the pipe.

In the event of an oil or chemical spill, having Absorbents or Spill Kits on hand can be critical to fast response and effectivecontainment. Available in Hazmat, Oil Only and Universal models, these absorbents have been used to clean up oil, chemicals, aggressive liquids, acids, coolants, solvents and more. Options include socks and boom for quick containment of spilled liquids, pillows, pads, and rolls for clean up, and kits for effective storage.

Flexible Tanks

flexible tanksGEI Works Flexible Tanks are available in sizes from 10 to 50,000 gallons to provide flexible storage of almost any liquid ranging from drinking water to fuel. Sometimes referred to as a pillow tank or water bladder, these tanks feature a flexible exterior that allows the unit to rise up into its shape as it fills with liquid. This style provides customers with a flexible alternative to their small or bulk liquid storage requirements.

In addition to the pillow style model, our flexible tank line also includes Folding Frame Tanks that are ideal for emergency relief efforts and fire fighting.

GEI Works Flexible Tanks are pillow-style tanks designed with different fabrics for use with drinking water, gray water and fuel.

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Tarps And Covers

tarps and athletic field coversTarp Systems, Tarps and Covers are water proof barriers used to protect cargo and loads during storage, containment and shipment. Covers are available for baseball fields, ponds, trucks and more.

Tarps and Covers are offered for a range of locations and industries to help protect, cover and contain materials on your site. Some of our most popular systems models include Dump Truck Tarps and Tarp Systems from Cramaro Tarps. These systems fit directly on the sides of dump trucks, trailers and belly dumps to contain sediment during transportation. Additional tarps are available for flat beds, trailers, and job site equipment.

For gyms, soccer fields, footballs, and other sport arenas, athletic field covers can help keep your areas protected when not in use. Tarps can be sized to meet the requirements of your location.

Learn More about Tarps and Covers.

Industrial Curtains

industrial curtain Industrial Curtains and Partitions include several impermeable barriers for controlling and sectioning off locations. Products include welding curtains, partitions, demolition curtains and more.

Partition Curtains are used in any location where areas need to be sectioned off or contained. They have been used in industrial facilities, wood work shops, car ports, loading docks, hospitals, offices and more.

For spark and heat containment, Welding Curtains are also available for use in factories, warehouses, and welding shops. Available curtain models include solid, see through and screen options.

Learn More about Industrial Covers.

Custom Products

Custom Products from GEI Works can be manufactured to meet specific dimensions, sizing and fitting requirements. Whether you are looking for a custom size or a unique product, we can help meet your needs.

As a manufacturer of flexible products, GEI Works has worked with several customers to design products that will best suit their requirements. One of our most recent projects involved designing Helicopter Tanks for use in military helicopter recovery testing. These bags were placed directly inside of salvaged helicopters to simulate the weight of missing engines and equipment. Similar products have also been made for use as ballast bags.

  • Floating Barriers
  • Turbidity Curtains
  • Secondary Containment
  • Liners
  • Dewatering and Filtration
  • Absorbents and Spill Kits
  • Flexible Tanks
  • Tarps and Covers
  • Industrial Curtains
  • Custom Products

Industry Applications

Innovative Containment, Storage, and Control Products

GEI Works is a manufacturer of flexible products designed to help store, contain and control liquids in almost any location. Specializing in flexible materials, these products have been used on construction sites, residential areas, industrial facilities, commercial locations and more to keep your items contained and your area in compliance.


Facility Management

Athletic and Community Facility Management

Facility Management, GymFacility maintenance and management can be a challenge, especially with multiple uses for the same space presenting different stressors on the floors, fields and equipment. We work with you to choose the best products for your specific building.

Products include:
Tarps, Curtains, Athletic Field Covers

Not having correct compliance measures in effect can cost you and your crew in time and money. Incomplete or insufficient controls can result in expensive fines. Here at GEI Works our people work hard to make sure you have the products, support and services required to keep your site in compliance and your project on schedule.

GEI Works Containment and Control

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