Onion Tank

Open-Top, Fast Rising Water Storage Tanks

The onion tank is an industrially made open top tank designed for quick storage of industrial liquids, drinking water, fire suppression water and more. Manufactured from the same fabrics used on the flexible fuel and water tanks, these tanks feature an open top and self-supporting structure that provides effective storage in even the most remote locations.


Standard Features

  • Multiple Fabrics (Including Potable & Non-Potable Liquids)
  • Drain Fittings
  • Open Top
  • Onion-Style Design
  • Self-Supporting Tank Structure
  • Optional Covers and Ground Liners
  • Self Rising as it Fills with Liquid


Onion Tanks: The frameless onion water tank is a completely flexible and self-supporting structure that has been used in industrial and commercial locations around the world. Tanks can be deployed quickly as a first response unit for decontamination and fire suppression, or stored in a stationary operation for bulk frac water or production water storage.


  • Frac Water Storage
  • Industrial Liquid Containment
  • Drinking Water Storage
  • Decontamination Pools
  • Rural Fire Fighting Efforts
  • Remote Location Storage

Typical Specifications

Design Onion style, open top, self-rising structure
Capacities Sizing up to 50,000 gallons
Fabrics Different Options Depending on your Liquid including Potable and Non-Potable Materials
Optional Accessories Drain Fittings, Tank Covers, Ground Cloth


Flexible Storage Options

The onion tank is one of many flexible storage and containment options available for industrial or commercial applications. Due to the flexible layout of the tanks, these units are often built to meet the specific storage requirements of your location. Fabric options include drinking water approved materials, as well as material options that are capable of handling chemical-based fluids such as frac water or industrial production liquids.

To help extend the lifespan of your tank, many customers also choose to use additional items such as a ground cloth or top cover to help protect your tank and stored liquids. Items like the ground cloth are designed to offer a reliable liner to line your location and protect the bottom of your tank from abrasions. Similarly, top covers are used to cover the contents of your tank and prevent wind, rain, and sediment from mixing into your tank. Fittings may also be added to the tank to help quickly drain your materials.

For our complete liquid storage variety, please check out our Onion Tank, Frame Tank & Flexible Tank Variety.


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